D23 Highlights

I usually only post on Wednesday’s but here’s a special treat for ya’ll xoxo

I’m going to be honest here….

I didn’t think I would actually make this post until I saw another blogger (Adriana Renee) do it. Disney is such a huge part of my life and something I love so deeply so why not share my excitement with ya’ll?

The D23Expo was held a few days ago and of course they had some announcements that blew my mind.

Here are the highlights for me:

1. The main thing that had my attention the entire time was STAR WARS LAND OF COURSE.


I am a HUGE Star Wars fan since 2013 thanks to my dad. At D23 they announced that the land was officially going to be called “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”


At the event they showed a video of what the land is expected to look like once it’s all finished- AKA I died and was sent to heaven.

They also mentioned how there will be two attractions in the new land. UMM AWESOME!!!!

2. Another major thing for Disneyland is the fact that we are eventually going to get a Mickey and Minnie Mouse attraction.

FINALLY! This is one thing that is a no brainer, a “DUH WE SHOULD’VE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SOONER” kind of situation. No complaints here, I am all for it.

The next few things are going to pertain to only Disney World:

I live In So Cal, I’ve never been to Disney World but I love Disney so much that these things excite me ok????



I love Tron so much, I fell in love with the movies back in like 7th grade and when I heard they were giving Tron to Shanghai, I assumed I would never be able to ride it, but now there’s a chance!

2. Disney World is going to get a new transportation system: The Disney Skyliner.


This is so exciting and it is going to be so cool to get that aerial view of the park from up above, love it!

3. Disney World is going to get a Ratatouille ride in the France Pavilion in Epcot.


TBH I don’t like the movie Ratatouille, BUT I was low key jealous of Disneyland Paris getting the ride because it was actually kind of cool so I’m glad they’re bringing it to the states.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post. These aren’t all of the announcements, only a couple that I got super pumped for. Xoxo!!


I do not own any of these photos. All photo’s belong to Disney.

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