How I Edit My Instagram Shots


Haha honestly I did not purposely make this theme on my Insta…. IT JUST HAPPENED!

My Instagram feed is full of blues and cool tones. Almost every post of mine includes some form of blue.

I edit my photos as any millennial does, so here’s how I do it:

I use the app VSCO Cam, I’ve been using it for years and its awesome. This is the only photo editing app I have on my phone, I don’t need anything else.

Once in the app, I choose the photo I want to edit and I immediately go to “exposure”. I increase it, this will make your picture appear brighter.


Next, I go into “contrast” and adjust that a bit. Depending on the photo I’ll either increase the contrast or decrease, in this example I decreased.


Then I place a filter on the photo. I personally use P5 and this is what gives the photo the “blue” look. I put it pretty high and adjust as needed.


Lastly, I go into “temperature” which is a very important step in my process! You’d think that for a “cool toned” photo that I would decrease the temperature, but nope! I always increase the temperature to make it a bit warmer. Since we already have on the blue toned filter, I even out the photo colors by making the temperature higher- thus the photo is not SO blue.


Those are all the steps I take when editing a photo to post on Insta. I hope you all enjoyed and learned a lil somethin’ somethin’.

P.S. If you want to see how an edited photo will look on your Insta before actually posting it, you can view it through VSCO Cam home page (only if you’ve previously editing other photos on there)

This is how mine looks:


Just like my Instagram feed!

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