The Biggest Change Of My Life

Leaving is scary.

At the end of the month I am leaving for Santa Barbara to go to school.

Read my blog post Finding Beauty since it ties into this one.

I don’t want to leave my city because in the past year I have learned to love it. I have learned to find beauty in this wonderful city.

I’ve grown so much closer to my parents and have regained my bond with my sibling.

It’s going to be so painful to leave.

Yes, I’ll be back for holidays and I could come back home on the weekends since I’m only 2 hours from home, but it’s still a huge change.

I am also super excited to leave.

I’m excited for my independence.

I can’t wait to have a new scenery.

I already love it in Santa Barbara and I haven’t even moved there yet.

I already have made friends and there are beautiful new views awaiting me.

Half of me can’t wait and half of me can wait.

My favorite youtuber Danielle Carolan literally just made a video all about her feelings about college: How I Feel About Moving Away from Home

She accurately describes all of the feelings running through my body right now.

Time at home is running out and these are the last few weeks I have left as a child at home. Once I leave, I will basically not be a child who enjoys their day to day normal life under their parents roof. Even when I come home for breaks, it just won’t be the same.

If you are going through this yourself, don’t feel alone. We’re all going through it together and many other people probably feel the same way.

Here’s to new adventures and growing. Here’s to still loving our past.

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