Here I am, in my dorm room. Bored. Waiting for my friend to get out of her 8:20pm class so we can go workout.

While I’m writing this it is my second day of school and it’s crazy.

I am exhausted.

The night before move-in day I didn’t sleep well, then I was awake all day moving myself in. I didn’t sleep well my first night in my bunk because- dorm beds duh.

Then, Monday was a full day of classes till 9:00pm. After, I went to workout with my friend.

Today, I had a 9:00am class and then lunch with a friend.

I haven’t done much since then, just waiting for my other friend.

College is crazy because there’s so much to do but then at the same time there’s somehow nothing to do.

Keeping track of everything is hectic and I have a lot of anxiety of stress.

It’s fun but stressful so far.

I wish I could’ve made a better blog post, but as I said I’m going to be real with you.

This is my life and I’m going to stay genuine, so here ya go.

Here trying to stay sane 🙂

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