My Dream Came True

As you probably know, Taylor Swift is my everything. I’ve been a fan for 6 years, and I am known as the “Taylor Swift Girl”.

Well, 2 years ago Taylor followed my Tumblr (dreamstay13), and over the past two years, has liked 3 posts. She saw my account, saw my posts, and thought: “I’m going to invite this girl to a secret session”.

Thursday, October 19th I received a message from Taylornation right when my astronomy class had started. I ran out of the room crying and freaking out. I called my parents immediately.

Later that day around 2pm, I got a call from Taylornation basically confirming if I can go to a secret event in LA that Sunday.

My mom comes to pick me up from school on Friday, so I spend the weekend at home.

Sunday rolls around and my mom and I head down to LA. First we stop at The Coffee Bean for a little coffee and dessert. Then we meet at the secret location and I check in. I am then put in a large room with a whole bunch of other swifties. Eventually, they put us all on shuttles and drive us to Taylor’s LA house.

I was on the first shuttle to arrive which was pretty amazing. They escorted us to the backyard. There were three tables of food set up by the pool for us to enjoy. I obviously had one of everything, because this is my once in a lifetime chance to eat Taylor’s food. DUH.

She had: cheese and pepperoni pizza, assorted cheeses, M&M’s with “REP” on them, white rectangle cookies with “REP” in black icing, three kinds of sushi, dumplings, Diet Coke, and SmartWater. (I’m pretty sure that’s all of it).

While in the backyard, I get the chance to interact with other die hard swifties. In my life, I have never met anyone else as obsessed with Taylor as I am, so this was a great experience. My heart was so warmed and I felt so comfortable around all of these people. I even brought up “I’d Lie” and they all knew what I was talking about (aka swifties since day 1).

Tree Paine, Taylors publicist, comes to the backyard and I run over to say hi. We chat for a bit until it’s time to go inside.

We are escorted into a living room. Pillows, cushions, and rugs are scattered on the floor. There is one red velvet chair at the head of the room under two lights pointing straight at it from above. We all take our seats and I am like third row? I’m close, but not right in front of Taylor.

Then, my whole life changes.

In the back of the room there is a doorway with two curtains on it. Taylor, with laptop in hand, pulls the two curtains away and peeks her head through. She does her surprised/shocked face and smiles. We all start screaming and SHE STARTS DANCING. IT’S ENGRAVED IN MY MIND.

Anyways, I am calm. She walks in more and says hi to us, then says “I brought some friends”. That’s when Jack Antonoff, Ruby Rose, and the Haim sisters peek in from behind her and we all go crazy. Taylor slowly makes her way to the front of the room, walking on the side that I’m sitting on. She hugs swifties as she goes, then finally makes it to the front. She sits in the velvet chair.

She told us that everyone in the room had been stalked for a year. Also, that every single one of us had made her smile on a bad day, made her laugh, or just supported her, and that’s why we were chosen.

We listen to the album and all I can say is that every single song is a bop, there is no bad song. You should go pre-order Reputation right now….. like…. now….

This is when all the secret things of the secret session happens, but I do want to say that during every song that jack had worked on with Taylor, I would turn around and give him a thumbs up. Like wow. I was in the room with two musical geniuses. Legends.

After that, we line up to take a picture with Taylor and talk to her one on one. I was lined up in the middle. Finally, it was my time.

Taylor turns to me and smiles “Hiiiiiiii”. We walk to each other and she gives me a hug. She thanks me for coming. I say “I’m Kimmy btw.” and she says “Yeah, Kimberly. People call you Kimmy? That’s so cute!” (I died). Anyways, I went on to tell her how I’ve been a fan for 6 years. We talked about Jon Bellion and how she’s only listened to “All Time Low” and “80’s Films”. Then I got super personal, where I almost started crying on the spot but I took a deep breath. Also, I told her that my mom loves her too and she said “Aww tell her I say hi, and give her the biggest hug for me.”

Once we were done talking, she asked if I wanted a photo and if I wanted to hug it out. I said “Actually, I was thinking we could do something different.”


The look she gave me when I said this.

It’s engraved in my mind.

She looked me up and down with raised eyebrows like “Oh, ok girllllll. I see youuuuu”

That’s the look she gave me and I don’t know how I didn’t roll over and die on the spot.

I told her if she could lean down and then I can put my hands on her shoulder.

We hugged again and as I was walking away I yelled “I love you” and she gave me the warmest smile. A person from Taylornation handed me a march bag and then escorted me to a shuttle.

We had arrived at the secret location at 5:15, and I didn’t get back till 11:40pm, and keep in mind I was in the middle of the line to meet Taylor, not even the back. She took so much time with everyone, just talking and not rushing anything. She’s honestly an angel and I am so grateful that I was invited into her home. She loves me as much as I love her and that’s truly amazing.

So that’s the story of me meeting my one and only, my everything. I hope you all enjoyed. This was the best day of my life hands down.

BTW: in the back of the pic, yes that is the Grammy for 1989 Album of The Year. Cool dude, cool.

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