Call It What You Want

This song is my obsession right now.

Taylor has three other songs out already: Ready For It…., Gorgeous, and LWYMMD. These songs are good, but CIWYW is special.

I have it on repeat all day every day, which isn’t unusual for me when a new Taylor song comes out, but this makes me feel some kind of way.

It’s special to me because it’s the first song she has released off the album that I hadn’t heard by the time I met her. She had just released Gorgeous right before I met her, so the song is still good, but doesn’t tie me back to the best day of my life.

CIWYW transports me back to sitting on her living room floor. I can see Taylor on her velvet chair dancing, and us trying to absorb all of the lyrics.

I remember every single dance move and facial expression Taylor did during this song.

This song makes me want to blast it in my car, driving at night around my city, and screaming the lyrics.

This song is also very important because of the bridge: “I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck, not because he owns me, but cause he really knows me.”



Jeez. This is how I feel exactly. No boy will “own me”. EVER.

Independent boss women, thanks very much.

This song is about being so deeply in love and I can’t wait till I get to feel that way again.

This song makes me want to cry of sadness half the time and jump for joy the other half.

“My castle crumbled over night”

Ya’ll. OMG!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING. In 1989, New Romantics said “I can build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me”

This song is saying “Yeah, I might not have won, and people probably still don’t like me, and my reputation isn’t the best out in the world, but I’m so deeply in love with this boy that nothing matters when I’m with him.”

That’s so powerful.


It makes me sad because she went through so much shit and disappointment, but it makes me happy that she’s finally found someone she can “trust like a brother”.

I already know the three songs I’m going to immediately play once the album comes out this Friday, and maybe they’ll transport me back to Taylor’s living room as well. We’ll have to wait and see 🙂

BTW- Jack is a musical genius, I love him so much. Xoxo


Yes, I did go on a walk at night while listening to this song just for Jack 🙂

He was there when I heard it for the first time, so I got to turn around and give him a thumbs up when it finished. Goals.

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