All Time Favorite Music (Pt. 1)

I wanted to make a blog post about all of my all time hands down favorite songs by each artist that I love. I even go into some detail about why I love them so much, and how they hit me personally. This is by far my favorite blog post I’ve made so far, other than meeting Taylor.

Here are the first six, the most important and memorable to me. More will come in the future, but those aren’t as significant as these are. They are listed in my order.

Enjoy, and maybe one of these will become one of your favorites. xoxo


1. Dear John- Taylor Swift

Oh, where do I start with this one haha. BTW, Taylor herself knows I’m a #1 Dear John stan, so there’s that.

I’ll start off with pointing out the acoustic guitar that opens up the song. As a guitarist myself, these chords and strumming pattern are super simple. This is important, because it makes the listener focus on the depth of the lyrics rather than distracting music. The lyrics are the song.

From start to finish, Taylor’s soft and defeated voice sings about a man who took advantage of her and was horrible. The song points out all of his wrongdoings and the pain she went through, how she’s overcoming it. Her realization of all the scars he’s made on her.

My favorite line and part of the song: “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town”. That’ll show him.
The song builds as it goes on, like she’s gaining power and strength again. A powerful little detail is how throughout the song she says “I should’ve known”, but by the end she switches it to “You should’ve known”. 3341370207627e005e071a611fbaf034--jon-bellion-beautiful-mind.jpg

2. Hand Of God (Outro)- Jon Bellion

I’m going to be honest and straight to the point, I’m not really religious but this song still gets me and it’ll get you too I assure.

I am a big fan of Jon’s music style and his methods in creating his music, he’s very imaginative and experimental with sounds and this song is nothing short of that. He layers so many sounds into something of beauty.

The song is big and grand at the beginning, then gets more quiet and serious in the pre-chorus, then goes back to a big chorus.

The major part of the song that I believe gets EVERYONE who listens to it, is the end. This crescendo of music and beauty. His friends deep angelic voice takes over with an enchanting violin in the back to support. It becomes a choir, reflecting a gospel. The music and voices build and build to the climax. It’s a mashup of a lot of his songs into this one, including: 80’s Films, He Is The Same, Overwhelming, Guillotine, New York Soul pt.2. Genius.


3. Hopeless- Halsey

From the deep opening notes, you can already feel the heartbreak. The first verse of the song is something I personally relate to so accurately from a relationship I had.

“Boy, you make it look so easy. “Promise that I’m gonna call you back in five.”Sorry baby girl, but I can’t tonight” oh. Boy, you make it look so simple. Yeah, I’ve known that girl for like my whole life”. Back in my hotel and I’m alone inside, oh. ’Cause you know the truth hurts, but secrets kill. Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still. Still here, there must be something real.Cause you know the good die young, but so did this. And so it must be better than I think it is. Gimme those eyes, it’s easy to forgive.”

I’m not going to go into this, but I just relate to this entirely.

The “Oh’s” that take up the chorus, almost a cry of pain and despair, more like hopelessness. This song hits home.


4. Hericane- LANY

The lyrics of this song are so raw. The music itself isn’t too overpowering, making you focus on the lyrics so much more.

The chorus is the part that hits the most: “Our homes a wreck, look at this mess. You blame it on disobedience. But I think it’s time, time you realize you’re the one in the wrong”.

I don’t think I’ve come across many songs where the guy puts the blame on the female in the relationship. It’s a refreshing and not common theme in music. He’s telling her to take responsibility and stop blaming other things.

Yet, he says: “I love you still, I always will. But you’re the one in the wrong” Such a change.

I also just think it’s cute that he calls it a hurricane because they’re from the east coast.


5. A.M.- One Direction

Let’s begin with that acoustic guitar ya’ll. Haha, just like Dear John the guitar is simple, putting the entire focus on the lyrics.

The song builds in the chorus, filling the listener with joyful nostalgia- looking back on all the fun nights you’ve had.

Harrys’ bridge continues on with this happiness/sadness- happy that they had a good time, sad that the time is passing. Singing about all of the good times they had together as a band is sweet and a calming way to close the album.


6. Outer Space/Carry On- 5 Seconds Of Summer


How the chorus builds and then settles quietly into the verses, crazy.

When the bridge slows and deepens with the backup vocals of “whoah’s”.

The first time I ever really heard this song was when I went to the concert. It literally changed my life. I cried at the concert. Imagine hearing these drums live, feeling the vibrations course through your entire body. Beautiful. Nothing better.

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