My Poetry (Part 1)

SURPRISE!!!! Haha posting on this special Monday for you just cause 🙂

I recently started writing some poetry and I thought I’d share some. There will be more in the future 😉 enjoy xoxo.


The cold creeps in and

Every memory

Disappears with time

Until summer comes

You will reach back in

Take my heart and mind


Kiss me with the lights down low

Never be the one to show

Glad this time you’re the one

Be mine until winter comes


You’ll stay for a little while longer

I say that our love with never falter

So, so sweet, your voice will never waver

Promises break, don’t do me a favor

You try your best to leave me forever


Then you leave and it comes in waves

You’re the reason I can’t sleep

You’re never the one to save

Forever my heart yours to keep


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