Reputation Review

As a musician myself, I have things I want to do with music. There are sounds and methods I want to use in songs. In Taylor’s Reputation, she used these things in her songs and it hits me so much because it’s what i’ve always wanted to do.

i’m also so proud of her. It sounds like she took some inspiration from Jon Bellion (at least I tell myself that). She experimented with her sound, especially her own voice. Auto tune and just changing her voice, manipulating it and fitting it into songs is so creative. I love it. It makes me so excited. It hits me and means so much to me. I can’t do it, so Taylor does it for me.

At the secret session, Taylor addressed it and how you can take a voice and split it into chords to play with, even Jack said “I loved making her voice into an instrument”.

THIS is why Reputation is now my favorite album. It surpassed Speak Now because of this. Speak Now will always have a special place in my heart, but Reputation is now Taylor’s best album.

I want Taylor, Jack, Max Martin, and Shellback all to know that every little detail they made -I hear them. I hear all of the small things included to fully create the song. I appreciate it so much. This is what I love from artists.

Her metaphors throughout the entire album are so consistent and strong, they make me so proud. She’s telling a story so cohesively.

All of the songs I list are the ones that are monumental to me and resemble music I want to make.

1.) End Game – I want to make a song with a deep, strong bass and a massive chorus. This song starts with such a big entrance. The lyrics “I don’t wanna touch you. I don’t wanna be just another ex-love you don’t wanna see. I don’t wanna miss you, like the other girls do” Taylor knows her worth and she isn’t here to be playing games with little boys. Strong back up vocals in the last play of the chorus is a usual thing Taylor but I just love it so much in this song.

2.) I Did Something Bad – the gun shots. Enough said. The lead up to the chorus with the timed clapping. I applaud. The “Ratatatatatada” in the chorus. THIS MAKES ME WANNA SCREAM AND JUMP FOR JOY. LOOK AT MY LIL BABY EXPERIMENTING WITH SOUNDS LIKE JON BELLION. The bridge includes the the voice change as well. The clapping shows up again when she says “light me up”. I want to use clapping in my music haha. She sounds so passionate and sassy, you can feel it.

3.) Don’t Blame Me – the gospel, beautiful. The pulling in the track. That sound. I need it. It follows throughout the whole song and it makes me the happiest person ever. When she yells “OH!” in the bridge. When it’s only her voice and it sounds like a gospel, then her high note comes in to take over.

4.) Delicate – the intro with her voice, they manipulated it!!!! My Jon Bellion heart is in love. The lyrics of this song just kill me: “Is it cool that I said all that? Is it chill that you’re in my head? Cause I know that it’s delicate”. The lyrics and the way she sings so softly literally screams DELICATE. In the background singing “Cause I like you”, so soft and enchanting, giving it a sweet and innocent feel.

5.) So It Goes… – when she says “pieces fall right into place” and the four taps follow it. Taylor and Jack seemed so proud of that little detail. When she says “who’s counting?” and whispers “1. 2. 3.” I’ve always wanted to count in a song.

6.) Getaway Car – the first line that opens up the song is her voice being manipulated. This song really reminds me of Jack’s own personal music. The track reminds me of Bleachers. The strings she uses in the bridge are so beautiful and soft.

7.) King Of My Heart – the snapping. I want snaps in my music, thanks. The pre-chorus is so unexpected, that’s why I love it. From soft to dancing music. When the chorus is like a gospel with her manipulated voice, and then breaks up to a great beat with strong drums. It’s so grand and magical, makes me feel golden. IN LOVE. Jack said this is his favorite song he didn’t work on. It’s my fave off the album.

8.) Dancing With Our Hands Tied – the chorus is what kills me. It’s huge and chaotic, something to blast on full volume as you’re racing down the freeway. As I said before, I want a song with a huge chorus. Also, the backup vocals for the last chorus is adds emphasis. THE DRUMS IN THIS SONG ARE SO SICK.

9.) Dress – when she says “stops” and the music goes silent- this has always been my dream y’all don’t even know. Also, the snapping. The “ah’s” before the chorus and her soft voice emphasizes her feelings.

10.) New Year’s Day – I literally told her that the piano sounds like Jon Bellion’s “New York Soul”. I’m crazy. When the acoustic guitar softly joins in with the piano in the second chorus- I SEE YOU TAYLOR. I want to eventually make an entire piano song. I can hear the mocked strings towards the end of the song.

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