Giving Up….

Aching and exhausted, I still write

Lying here, giving up the fight

I’ll wave my white flag of hope

Re-discovering a way to cope

Spending my lonely nights crying

My heart is tired of trying

Dreaming of a fairytale ending

Being slapped in the face with reality

College isn’t the place to find prince charming

Of every time seeing a beauty and taking a chance

Jumping out of my comfort zone only to be pushed back

Getting hurt every time until I’m crawling on my knees

Losing myself to the music, frantically lost

Chaos in the sound, no comfort to be found

Only thing left to be found, is me

And as I create this, I witness romance

But it’s not meant for me

It’ll never be.





I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and I still am to an extent. I’ve realized that I’m not going to find a relationship I want here, and I’m tired of trying. I’m giving up the fight.

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