December Update

I’m currently home from school for a week and I’m so happy.

My chance to have quality coffee, sleep in my own huge bed, cuddle my cats whenever I want, and create music in peace.

I love being home.

On the 17th of this month, I depart for New York. It’s going to be my first time spending the holiday’s in my second home. I’m so excited to go back and enjoy some time with more family.

The last time I went to NY was spring break of junior year, which was a year and a half ago, almost 2 years. I even took a picture in front of Taylor’s apartment, and now I’ve met her.


I’m looking forward to the Christmas spirit and the food of course (because we all know east coast food is 18x better. Duh.)

I only get this week at home, so I’ve been soaking it up and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve been going on runs every night as well.

None of my friends come home from school until after I leave for NY, which disappoints me greatly but I’m hoping to see them when I get back and before we all go back to school again.

I got tickets to both nights of Taylor’s Reputation tour in Pasadena. I am beyond grateful to be able to attend and see my mom for the first time again since meeting her in October. There are some things that I’m constantly worrying about now though.

  1. What am I going to wear to the shows? I need two outfits and I have no idea what to wear.
  2. How is my voice going to manage by attending two concerts in a row? My voice is going to be gone. How do I save my voice for the second night?


As I’m writing this, I wrote a full song yesterday called Second Chance.

I love it so much and I’m so proud of it. The basis of the song formed from three poems I’ve written recently, and I combined them together and they actually fit. I’ve been working on my music and I couldn’t be happier.

Eating is still a struggle for me. The other night I was freaking out over everything I had eaten that day and how I would have to have dinner on top of it. Some nights are rough, some times I’m completely fine. It really just depends.

I’m currently procrastinating cleaning my room and doing laundry. It’s been two days I told myself I would do it and I still haven’t. I’m going to actually go do that now….

xoxo, Kimmy

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