Taylor Swift Pop Up Shop LA

On Taylor’s birthday, 12/13/17, my mom and I headed down to 3rd Street Promenade to celebrate the special occasion.

We visited Taylor’s Pop Up Shop!


My mom and I posing at the entrance.


This is what it looked like from the outside!


They had cases of her outfits from the Look What You Made Me Do music video.


“The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now….”



They had a mock Hollywood sign, haha creative.

They had a tray full of cookies, and boxes full of guitar picks. I took a hand full of picks and I felt like Scott Swift haha. They also had Dasani regular water and sparkling.



When I was at the Secret Session, this throne was actually one of the props she brought for us to take photos with (also the LWYMMD headstone). I didn’t take a picture with it then, but this was my second chance so I was so happy.




They even had the bird cage! Not the actual one from the music video though, duh.


Enter a caption

My mom and I posing! They handed out gold sparkly crowns btw, that’s why my mom has a crown on!

The back room was full of racks of Taylor’s march and displays of her rings, pins, etc. I got two shirts, one white t shirt and a white ripped up sweater.

Afterwards, we were walking out when one of the employees stopped my mom and I, asking if we wanted a pedi cab to our car. We said yes, of course!

The carts had a Taylor at&t wrap on it and it was playing Taylor’s album. So strange and funny.

Was overall a cute little experience and I’m so grateful my mom took me!

xoxo, Kimmy

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