All Time Favorite Music (Pt. 2)

Here is the second part of my All Time Favorite Music blog post.

The first blog post was listed in order of my favorites, but this one is not. After my first couple of fave songs, it just meshes into songs that I enjoy. So here’s some more. I still have more songs, so there will be more posts after this one 🙂


1. Too Young- Sabrina Carpenter

The chorus is so strong, like she’s fighting back against everyone who told her no. She’s rising. She knows what she feels and she will not let anyone tell her different. The piano matches this power in its simplicity and directness.

Falling in love young is terrifying. Luckily for me, no one doubted my feelings- at least not to my face. I wasn’t personally faced with this struggle, but I was so afraid of it. This song is for fighting for what you believe in.


2. Run and Hide- Sabrina Carpenter

First of all the electric guitar that opens the song, slow and simple yet powerful.

The lyrics mean a lot to me because I feel like I’m the only one who’s left as a hopeless romantic. Everyone around me is just hooking up and avoiding love like it’s the plague. This is not going to stop me from wanting to be loved though.

Sabrina’s voice is on display, steady and strong. The bridge really puts Sabrina’s vocals above all else and I love it. She’s so talented.


3. Thinking Bout You- Ariana Grande

This song just hits my heart . The opening beat is like my heart beat, I swear.

The lyrics I personally relate to so deeply.

The chorus starts out with only her voice, so lonely. It builds a bit and resembles chaos, her mind running 100 miles a minute. Her voice is aching and longing for him to come back.

The bridge hits the hardest. When I listen to it, it feels like I’m driving down the freeway. Heading to wherever he is. My heart  hurts so much that I will chase after him and be with him again. The song builds to a climax, running after love. It ends abruptly, giving the listener the opportunity to come up with their own ending. Does she find him? Does she get him back? Does it all fail? Does he truly leave?


4. Heart Like Yours- Willamette Stone

Acoustic songs I fall for instantly. The strumming is so soft to match his tone of voice. Singing lovingly and slow. My hopeless romantic heart  soars. His voice and the solo guitar is so vulnerable and open, he’s singing his heart  to her.


5. It Ain’t Me- Selena Gomez

I relate so personally to this song- fed up with taking care of a boy. Angry and frustrated. Losing someone, losing love.

The chorus reflects this anger and frustration. Her voice so powerful, yelling. The guitar, piano, and snapping meshing together to make a sweet melody, then switching to a more electronic sounding piano in the chorus to build up. A great song to drive to.


6. Little White Lies- One Direction

The collection of the voices solo to open up the song…. You know it’s coming.

The verses pumping you up for the chorus where everything explodes into chaos.


I listened to this song and immediately thought “this would be the best song to hear in concert”. The next day my friend asks me to go with her to the one direction concert and I get to hear this song live. Wow.

THE DRUMS AND ELECTRIC GUITAR. This song was made for me, thanks.

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