Days 1-3 in New York

Day 1: 12/18/17

Since we were so exhausted and jet lagged from our red-eye flight, we spent our first day in New York sleeping and relaxing in the apartment haha

Day 2: 12/19/17

Crazy day, we conquered so much….


Pic of me heading out of the apartment 🙂


Some sights during our walk in Manhattan.


Inside the Radio City Music Hall, we watched the Rockettes perform.


Festive decor in the city.


Got a chicken gyro for lunch. My dad and I enjoyed some honey roasted peanuts. I’ve been waiting for these peanuts since I was 9. THE WAIT WAS FINALLY OVER!


Some more sight seeing.


Visited Lincoln Center (where my grandma works) and got to go backstage!


Made a quick stop at Times Square and saw Karlie Kloss! Love her xoxo


Ended the day with Chinese takeout of course!

Day 3: 12/20/17


My fit for the day, loving my pink beanie


Saw a stray cat on the way to the train. I wanted to pet it of course :/


Made it to Central Park!


More pics of the beautiful view.


Came across a mini castle/lookout in Central Park! So beautiful and interesting.


While eating lunch at McDonald’s, Taylor liked a post off of my account 🙂

Love her so much, this is the 4th like I’ve gotten!

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