Days 4-7 In New York

Day 4: 12/21/17

Went on the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

Walked around the island and visited the Cornell Tech College. Such a beautiful campus, very modern but very small.

Had lunch at Serendipity. I had a Birger for lunch, then we all shared a frozen hot chocolate. The food was amazing!

Walked to 5th Ave. and I made my fam come with my to Tiffany’s so I could see Taylor’s necklace haha

Lastly, we watched the light show, went inside Sak’s 5th, and looked at all the windows that were actually Disney themed!

Day 5: 12/22/17

Cute little outfit for the day.

We walked around the Oculus.

Went to the top of the One World tower and got some nice skyline pictures.

Had lunch at Shake Shack. It was my first time eating there. Tbh I didn’t really like it much, not worth the prices.


Rockefeller Park in Tribeca.


The Sphere at The World Trade Center.


Wall Street.


Vietnam war memorial.


Raging Bull statue.

Day 7: 12/24/17

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

We walked into West Elm and I got a hot chocolate from Brooklyn coffee.

Pretty views and a carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo.

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