Coming to you today with the worst news…

My cat Kashmir passed away today.

She was only 4 years old.

Before leaving for our trip, I knew there was something wrong. I felt it in my heart. She had lost weight and she would hang out downstairs, which she would never usually do. The last two nights I was home, she wouldn’t even sleep with me.

Kashmir was my best friend. She would follow me around the house. If I was in my room, she’d come lay on my bed. If I was downstairs, she’d come and follow. She loved me so much and I loved her just as much.

Kashmir was my everything. She was my angel.

When I was suicidal, I came up with angels. Anyone or anything that gave me a reason to live was named an angel. Taylor was an angel. Kashmir was an angel. Sunsets were an angel. Etc. She was one of the few things that kept me alive during a time in which I had little to live for.

Whenever I’d cry, she’d be there cuddling me.

Every night she demanded cuddles and would refuse to let me sleep.

I’d fall asleep every night with her purring beside me.

She was the love of my life.

The worst part is that we got this cat, because my previous cat had died.

Kashmir 1 died at 8 months old due to a sickness. I had gotten pretty close to her and when she passed, it was a huge blow.

A month or two later, we got this cat- Kashmir 2. When Kashmir 2 got past her first 8 months, I finally got to let out a breath. I got to relax.

After 4 years, I didn’t expect her to die. We currently don’t know much information since I’m not even home.

That’s pretty much all I can even think of right now. I’ve been crying constantly since I found out. Sorry to bring such sad news but yeah.

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