The Future

This platform is something I can actually maintain and enjoy.

I had a youtube channel for a while, but making videos was a lot of effort, especially for something I wasn’t really passionate about.

This blog is my form of expression and creativity.

I never run out of ideas of what to post.

Every Wednesday I’m so excited for the next post to go up. I look forward to Wednesday’s because it’s a chance for me to share more of myself with you.

I even post multiple times a week, because I have so much I want to say and share. I’m the most impatient person and I get too excited about these blog posts haha.

Writing is something I love to do. Music is my passion.

Helping others and relaying my knowledge and experience is what I aim to do.

This blog contains all of that and more and that is why I never get tired of it.

I made my first post about 5 months ago, and I still have not gotten tired of this platform.

My blog is something that makes me happy and proud. I don’t care how many views I get, this is for me.

I’m constantly thinking about how to make this blog more and more me.

How to take parts of my life and place them onto here- such as my writing, my admiration for sunsets, my child-like fascination with Disneyland. I always would think that I wasn’t special, I wasn’t unique- I was like any other girl out there.

I came to finally realize that, yes many girls might like sunsets, or Disneyland, or music or whatever- but my specific combination of interests is unique.

I love stargazing, exploring, cats, coffee, Disneyland, Taylor swift, wiring, music, helping others, etc. This is me, and no one else is quite like me. Slowly, step by step, I learn to accept myself and take pride in my interests.

As I step into 2018, I will not lose sight of my passion for making this blog as personal to me as possible. Poetry, music, etc. will continue. More unique posts will be created. I can’t wait. Xoxo

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