Days 8-12 in New York

Day 8: 12/25/17

Christmas Day we went to see Star Wars The Last Jedi 🙂


Walked around the cutest neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn. I fell in love. I might want to live here when I’m older- just an option.


My Grandma took us to a lookout area/park nearby.


Day 9: 12/26/17

We visited the Empire State Building this day.


Explored inside the NY Public Library- where my mom used to work as a teenager!


It was my first time going to Grand Central Station.

Day 12: 12/29/17

We got to see the Nutcracker, which was super cute!



After the show, we got a late night dinner at Olive Garden off Time’s Square, which I had eaten at on my last visit to NY with my mom. It was such a great view, we had to take the rest of the fam this time. My dad took this golden photo of me. I’m a living meme.


Any days not mentioned and skipped over are days we either stayed inside, didn’t do much, or I just didn’t catalogue.

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