Music of 2017

Trying to decipher which songs are from 2016 vs 2017 is difficult for me since the transition between the two years blend into one another for me. I was still doing the same things and basically listening to the same music. I tried my best with this list.

Once Taylor’s album was released, I was completely consumed by it. Then before it was released, I listened to a mix of 2016/2017 songs, so these are the one’s that highlight my 2017. There isn’t much but, yeah.


1. Reputation- Taylor Swift

The whole album is a favorite of course. The album came out in November and it has a very special place in my heart since Taylor herself invited me to her house to be one of the first people to listen to it. The songs I always have on repeat are King Of My Heart and I Did Something Bad 🙂


2. LANY-

SuperFar, Good Girls, Current Location, The Breakup, Someone Else, It Was Love, Hericane, Dumb Stuff

This is the year that I fell so deeply for LANY. Their music video for SuperFar was released and I was so in love. I listened to them on repeat and learned to love and appreciate their sound. They’re so talented.



3. Sabrina Carpenter-

Why, First Love

Sabrina Carpenter was an artist that overlapped from 2016-2017, but these are two songs that she released in 2017. She is also a very talented artist and one of my top faves. The way she sings is the way I sing.



4. Selena Gomez- It Ain’t Me

Now this song hit me very personally, so therefore it was on repeat forever haha. Love Selena.



5. Halsey-

100 Letters, Hopeless, Bad At Love, Now Or Never, Heaven In Hiding, Eyes Closed (stripped), Walls Could Talk

Halsey, LANY, and Taylor were probably the three artists who consumed my 2017. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom was released in 2017 and was my fave thing during that time. I could relate personally to the songs. The music was nicely crafted and motivated me to work on my own music. Again, Halsey is one of my top favorite artists due to this album.



6. EDEN- Sex

I don’t know much about EDEN. I found him towards the end of the year and didn’t have much time for his music to make a huge impact. This was the first song I had heard and I thought it was great. In 2018, I will definitely be exploring more of his music and background.


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