Monthly Music: January Edition

I haven’t sat down and written a blog post in about a month and it feels like a year. New posts keep going up because I always have content scheduled, but this is the longest I’ve gone without creating since starting this blog. It feels nice to get back into it. I’m back at school and getting a hang of second semester. I’m here to share some more monthly music for ya’ll! Enjoy xoxo.

This month was full of hype and feel good music that makes me want to smile. I got to be home and drive around and have fun, then head back to school in a happy mindset.

(Songs in bold are my top faves I have on repeat)


Camila Cabello

-Into It

-All These Years

-In The Dark

Demi Lovato

-Daddy Issues

-Sorry Not Sorry

-Tell Me You Love Me 

-Tell Me You Love Me (NOTD Remix)


-Him and I (feat. G-Eazy)




-Wasted Youth

Alan Walker Remix


Felix Jaehn

-Feel Good

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