Real Friends

Discovering who your real friends are can be a terrifying thing.

You think someone loves and appreciates you as much as you do them, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s crystal clear to see, sometimes it’s too foggy. Then events come up and it really puts things to the test.

People’s intentions are exposed.

People’s true colors come out.

At college I’ve seen this a few times now all within one semester.

I don’t expect much from these “friends”, just because it’s been such a short amount of time.

I was put into a situation where I was completely alone, scared, and exposed. My best friend who was busy at the time, 200 miles away, and late at night, took the time to stay on the phone with me during this time.

That’s a true friend.

My other friend came to my room with food and distracted me with a tv show.

That’s a true friend.

A friend who ditches you during this dire moment for a boy is not a true friend. A friend who only uses you when they need to vent, is not a true friend. If this person does not reciprocate the same way as you, they’re not a true friend. Friendship is a two way street; things must be balanced.

A friend who shuts you down when you’re at your lowest because they “don’t want to hear about it”. When all you need is someone to listen, but your closest person leaves your side. Then they come back, expecting you to listen to their problems.

You left me, yet you expect me to stay. This isn’t fair.

I’ve had so many friends whom I’ve loved immensely, but had to realize that they do not treat me as an equal. I’ve also had so many friends who have loved me, but I did not love the same.

Although I have found the truth behind the front these people display, does not mean I will stop being friendly, kind, or caring. I will still act the same, I just know I cannot depend on them in crucial times.

This is a revelation I have been going through for so long, and I know for a fact that it will continue. It may never stop. This is something everyone goes through during their life. Something we all must realize.

Sending you all love, xoxo.

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