I made a post on Tumblr asking people to share their stories of how they discovered Taylor. That post got so many notes and people took the time to share their experiences with me. When I went to the LA Secret Session, we went around in a circle asking how we all had discovered her. It’s just so interesting to me about where we all started and to see how far we’ve come. So, here’s my story:


I had heard a few of Taylor’s songs here and there, but my mom hated country music so I never really listened to her. I would see her in my tween magazines, but since I wasn’t interested in country music, I didn’t pay any attention.

In 2011, 6th grade promotion was about to come around the corner. During practice, my two best friends and I would hang out. They started telling me about all of the great things Taylor would do, such as: donating to charities, organizing charity events, giving out pizza to fans waiting outside her hotel room, etc.

Taylor sounded like a really amazing person.

After that, I would go home and search up any and all videos I could find of Taylor. That summer before 7th grade, I spent everyday locked in my room watching Taylor videos all day. I would watch her performances, interviews, and memorize lyrics for all of her unreleased songs. I became obsessed.

I asked my mom if I could purchase her albums for my iPod- I wanted both Fearless and Speak Now. My mom told me that I could only get one. I therefore sat down and wrote out a list of how many songs I liked off of each album, which album would have more songs that I loved.

I decided on Speak Now, so that was the first album of hers I ever owned. Later, I was able to purchase her other albums. At the end of the year, I begged my parents for a guitar for Christmas. They delivered 🙂

I taught myself, then eventually took lessons. I later learned piano as well.

I’ve purchased all of Taylor’s music on iTunes. I own all of her films. I have a bunch of merch. As I’m writing this, I’ve only been to one concert, but in May I will attend two more. I have gone to the Taylor Swift Experience at the Grammy Museum. I went to the Taylor Swift Now Pop Up Shop off 3rd Street Promenade. I won tickets to Taylor Super Saturday Night concert in Houston. My mom was 100% on board with driving all the way to Texas, but we found out that I had to be 18 years old to attend…. I was 17…. 6 months away from turning 18.

I created my Tumblr account in 2012, which consisted of many things over the years. At first I wanted all of my posts to be original content. I finally gave in and would reblog Taylor, One Direction, Anime, Fashion, etc. Taylor created her Tumblr account around 2014/2015, so then I decided to create a completely Taylor dedicated account (dreamstay13). I also made an instagram dedicated to her as well under the same username.

In 2015, Taylor followed my Tumblr account. Since then, she has liked 4 of my posts off my account. Through this follow, Taylor found out who I was, learned my name, and invited me into her home last year.

Now, it’s been almost 7 years of having Taylor in my life. At the end of this semester, it will officially be 7 years.

Although 7 years is a long time to be a super dedicated fan, it seems so short. It feels like Taylor has been with me my whole life.

I don’t know who I would be without her because she has taught me so much. Every experience I go through, she is by my side. I can relate to her music and it helps me through the hardest times. She is truly a blessing to me. I am so grateful to have been able to meet her.

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