Things That Make Me Happy

What makes you happy and warm inside?

I made this page in my bullet journal and I thought I’d expand upon it and make it into a blog post. I want y’all to focus more on things that bring you joy.

(I only included the items that I had photo’s for; not all of the things listed in my journal are featured here).

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Disneyland. Fairy Lights. Mickey Ears.

Good food. Free chicken tenders (my fave food ever).

Great friends.

This girl, and everything she’s done for me <3.

Goofy moments with my family.


My town. Driving.


My Cat Romeo.


My Old Skool Vans.


Vine Comps.

Beautiful Views. Exploring.

Aesthetically Pleasing Coffee Shops. A Warm Mug of Coffee.

Being Creative (poetry, writing, music).


Neat Handwriting. Colorful Notes.


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