All Time Favorite Music (Pt. 3)

This is the third part of my All Time Favorite Music blog post.

The first blog post was listed in order of my favorites, the second post and this one are not. After my first couple of fave songs, it just meshes into songs that I enjoy. So here’s some more.


1. A Little Too Much- Shawn Mendes 

THE ACOUSTIC GUITAR JUST KILLS ME, SHAWN. You all know how much I love acoustic songs, and this is no exception. This song reminds me of Tied Together With A Smile by Taylor. Dealing with a lot of pain and struggling, but trying to get through it. “So take my hand and we’ll be alright”. I want to be a therapist and I’m all about helping my friends, so this lyric hits home.



2. This Is What It Takes- Shawn Mendes

Another acoustic song by this boy. “If this is what it takes, then let me be the one to bear the pain.” “So come on take my hand we’re moving on.” Again, with me wanting to be a therapist and help others. The mix of guitar and piano works so well and fits with the message.



3. Clued Up- Little Mix

All of these songs are just going to be acoustic okay, you should expect this by now lol. Their voices are honestly angelic and work so well together. This is another song talking about struggles in your life, but living and growing in spite of it.



4. Love Me Or Leave Me- Little Mix

Immediately, you can tell this is an emotional and heartfelt song with the piano and her soft voice. This song is about a relationship crumbling right before your eyes. Perrie’s part in the chorus is as if she’s crying in pain or begging for him to stay and work things out. There are many points in this song that highlight the girls vocals.



5. Long Way Home (Acoustic)- 5 Seconds of Summer

Just a nice feel good acoustic song. The happy chorus reminds me of a sunny day. There aren’t too many components to this song, it’s simple and full of joy. The drums are a main focus. The lyrics are sweet and romantic.



6. Honest- Chainsmokers

Again, another song that reminds me of summer time. I love how the intro is soft and relaxing, then builds slowly. This song also does not have many components, but it’s enough to make a great song. It focuses more on the lyrics and his voice.


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