I can look back now and say that I’m a completely different person now, than I was two years ago.

Change is okay. Changing your mind over time is completely fine.


Two years ago I had a clear cut dream: I wanted to live in NYC. I wanted to get an apartment with a view of the skyline, and live there for 90% of my life. After that, I’d retire and buy a house.

Now, I want to stay in California and own a big house in a suburban neighborhood near LA. Close enough to drive home whenever I want, but far enough away to be independent.



I wanted to go to school on the east coast- specifically NYU, because I hated California and my hometown so much. I wanted to experience real weather. I wanted to be independent. 

Now, I go to school in Santa Barbara. I am so glad I stayed in California because I love home so much. The weather is beautiful here.



I used to believe in astrology and zodiac signs. I was a virgo: quiet, cold, and determined. I thought they were fun and accurate, a part of my identity.

I’ve met people in my life who’ve proven to me that zodiac signs are completely false. I’ve met other “virgo’s” who are completely different from myself and who the signs say we are.



I used to hate running at the beginning of high school. I took aerobics sophomore year to avoid running in a normal gym class.

Senior year, I started running on my own and learned to love it. I run in my spare time and it’s my favorite form of exercise. I run any chance I get. 



I used to hate where I grew up. I hated my high school and I thought my town was small minded; I thought it was boring. I thought it was crazy that some of our parents were born and raised there, then chose to live there as adults.

Now, I love where I live and I’m so grateful for it. I find so many things to do when I’m home and it’s truly comfortable. It’s home. I’ve found the beauty in it and I always love going back home.



I was so convinced that I was incapable of loving another person, in the lovey-dovey romantic way. My first date was with a boy who convinced me that this was true. My zodiac sign also told me that I was closed off and cold to others.

I met a boy who taught me how to love. I know what I’m capable of now, and no one can ever take that away from me. 



At every age, I would look back at my younger self and see her as immature and naive, and see my present self as grown and knowledgable. 

This is the first age where I look back and see myself as naive, and see my present self as the same. I am aware that there is so much in the world that I don’t know, and I am okay with that. I find it exciting to learn new things about myself and the world as I grow. I grow everyday. 



I’ve changed a lot as time has passed, and that’s completely normal. People tend to fear change, but change is life. We grow, we change our minds, we learn, we adapt, we question. Look back at your life and see how much you’ve changed as a person, and take pride in who you are today.

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