I was a hypocrite

Last year, my New Years resolution was to be genuinely me, and to not let others discourage me from being myself.

I thought I had achieved that, but maybe not to the extent I had wanted.

I have different sides of me of course, as we all do. I can be more tomboyish at times, wanting to skateboard and dress in only black and white. Yet, there’s also a side of me that’s very feminine, that loves the color pink and being girly.

I’ve found that over time I hid that girly side of me. I would look at my dorm room and find it so ironic that it was decorated all pink, but I was constantly dressed in all black.

I realize now that I hid that girly side away because I falsely believed that if I was feminine, no one would take me seriously. No one would respect me. Everyone would think I was just another basic girl.

Here I am now realizing this, and now fully supporting the fact that this is who makes me, me. I can be girly and I can be tomboyish, and this is what makes me Kimmy.

I would look at other women who were feminine and admire them, but look at myself and feel embarrassed.

I am proud to be a woman and to be a feminist and I believe that being girly should not be shamed upon. We should instead take pride in who we are deep down, and to take pride in our femininity. Being who we truly are is what makes us unique and strong, we shouldn’t hide things away to be on the same level as men. We shouldn’t try to act more masculine to feel accepted in this world.

I apologize for not realizing this sooner. I apologize for not seeing this in myself and for believing in a male mindset.

As you might’ve seen already, I finally changed my Instagram feed to be more pink/warm tones. This is something I have been wanting to do for so long, but just didn’t know where to start. I put it off for so long because my blue/cool toned feed was just easy.

I’m branching out again into dressing more stylish and putting more effort in.

I’m taking pride in fully being myself.

These are things that I love and I shouldn’t hide that from the world.


I’m constantly learning new things about myself and the world; above is my most recent realization. I hope to continue growing and to continue striving to be a better version of myself everyday.

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