Playlist For Him.


This is a playlist that I’ve had for so long, but was too scared to post. Today’s the day.


Whenever I’m sad, I literally surround myself in music. So you bet your bottom dollar I immersed myself in so much music when I went through my breakup. These aren’t all of the songs, because that would been triple this length, but these are the songs that hit the hardest. Enjoy.


1. Taylor Swift- Come Back…Be Here & Breathe

-I played these for you on our last night.


2. Ariana Grande- Thinking Bout You

-This song embodies the breakup. The number one song.


3. Halsey- Hopeless

-First verse and pre-chorus.


4. LANY- current location

-The distance.


5. Halsey – Closer

-Castaic. I was making a u-turn when the lyrics “baby, pull me closer in the backseat of your rover” came on as I was behind a Rover. Reminds me of our happy moments exploring.


6. 5 Seconds Of Summer- Long Way Home (acoustic and normal)

-You thought the bridge was cute because that’s what we’d do.

7. Taylor Swift – Fearless

-Danced to this after every date. I played this for you.


8. Taylor Swift – Fifteen

-We were so young.


9. Halsey- Eyes Closed (Acoustic)

-It has to be the acoustic version or it’s all WRONG. “Would’ve gave it all for you, cared for you”.


10. Jon Bellion- Waves Of Loneliness

– I tweeted “It comes in waves” right after, and you tweeted back. Found this song a bit after that, and I thought “wow, look at that”.


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