Newest Mickey Ears


This blog post was so much fun to make. Y’all know how much I love Disney and how much ears mean to me so this post HAD to be made.


I will make a blog post later on about my personal collection of ears thus far, but today, I am going to be discussing NEW ears Disney has been releasing!


I made this page in my bullet journal right when Disney started releasing new ears, but now there’s even more and there are too many to draw.


Here are the new ears:

(none of the pictures are mine)




I’m going to start off with these bad boys.

Now, these aren’t actually “new”. I came across these at a store on Main Street last year on my 18th birthday. I had already gotten my fantasmic ears, but thought these were cute.

Now they’re not to die for, but they are cute.

I wanted to mention these because I don’t think many people know about them- I don’t see many people with them. I also only saw them at that single store on Main Street.





Next on our list are the birthday ears!!

When I first saw these online, I almost died. I NEED these.


I really should wait for my birthday trip to Disneyland to purchase these, but honestly I’m just going to snag them as soon as possible. These are a must for me.

The sparkles and the mini cupcake on top, wow, Disney’s doing things RIGHT.





I didn’t want to list the rose gold ears at the beginning because everyone and their mother knows they exist.

Now, I’m not about the hype for them, but they are cute, and if I come across them I will get myself a pair. I’m all for pink and sparkles but the hype is INSANE.





I’m such a hypocrite when it comes to these ears and I don’t know why I like them.

I always say how I love the colors gold and black (they’re like my top fave colors), but I absolutely HATE them together. Even when purse shopping, I hate yellow gold metal on bags. Ugh. Yet, here I am wanting these ears. I don’t know but they’re cute and sparkly so.





Next are the Millennial Pink ears. *rolls eyes*. I hate the name for these but it’s whatever y’all.


Of course, I love pink and sparkles, but again with the rose gold ears- the hype for these are INSANE. People are waking up early and waiting hours in line in front of World of Disney just to get these…. jeez.





Lastly on our list, are the Cheshire Cat ears.

Now, I’m all for pink and Alice in Wonderland, but I’m not the hugest fan of these ears. Cheshire’s eye’s look very cheap and unoriginal like a 5 year old made it.

I would still get them though….. I love pink too much, gah damn.

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