Explore With Me: Hiking


I have such a deep passion for exploring, so I am super excited to begin this segment on my blog. This will consist of hiking, bike rides, road trips, etc.  

On April 20th, my parents came down to visit Santa Barbara for my honor roll ceremony. Afterwards, we all decided to go visit Knapp’s Castle.

This is a very popular tourist attraction in Santa Barbara. Everyone I know who has a car has gone here. Of course when my parents came, I took advantage of the fact that we had a vehicle to go adventure.

The drive on the way up there was very curvy, so if you get easily car sick, don’t take this trip or carry some Advil along with you.

Part of the road on the way up was covered with trees on both sides, making the road shaded- this reminded me of Solvang and it brought me back to my childhood.


We used google maps to guide us on the way, which was super important because there aren’t really signs telling you the way! Knapp’s Castle is actually a small trail off the side of the road, so you must park your car in the dirt shoulder.

Then it’s about a 7-9 minute hike to the location.

The “hike” was very level and easy, so there are no worries there.

This is what the path looks like, along with the beautiful view.

Once up there, this is some of what the castle remains looks like:

Here are the popular arches and an auditorium.

To be completely honest, I was pretty disappointed with this.

I always assumed there would be more remains or even more elegant features to see. This “castle” was all just this same type of stone and barely any remains at all.


The view is what makes up for the lack of remains, though! On one side, there are luscious green mountains, and on the other it’s more rocks and dry mountains- both of which I find beautiful and breathtaking.

Lastly, there were two rope swings we came across.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Enjoy this photo of my dad on one of the swings haha.


Glad I finally go to go here, when wanting to visit for a while.

So excited to continue this exploration segment! I hope y’all enjoyed this and look forward to new posts 🙂

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