The Importance of Having a Secret Spot


There’s always so much on my mind. Thoughts are rushing in and out and I feel overwhelmed with myself at times. Whether these are worries about school, friends, family, love, etc. they tend to consume me.

This is when I decide to drive or run to my secret spot in my neighborhood.

My secret spot is a small “park” on the outskirts of my neighborhood. There’s a specific bench I always go to, because the view from that bench is spectacular.

It overlooks a little part of my town with beautiful lights, but also has the outline of the mountains in the back as well- My personal favorite view in my entire town 🙂


Sometimes when I’m home, something wonderful has happened. Whether it’s getting into honor roll or finding out something new about myself, I want to jump for joy. This is when I run or drive to my secret spot.

Sometimes when I’m lacking creativity and motivation in my blog or my bullet journal or just in life, I go to my secret spot.

Sometimes when I feel like I haven’t sat down and processed my thoughts and emotions in a while, I go to my secret spot.

There are many reasons why I go to this one place, both good and bad. This is a place that centers me and brings me down to earth. I can sit and think about myself and the things going on in my life and figure it all out.


My old secret spot used to be a park that I would call “my secret park“. It was a park that not many people knew about or went to. Really, only the neighbors close to the park knew about it. There’s a big beautiful compass on the ground there, a bunch of grass, and another beautiful overlook.

This isn’t my secret spot anymore, because although I had gone there for years, I had taken my ex there, and it had become ours.

Now, my new secret spot is a place I found after he left. A place he doesn’t know about.

That was a really important aspect when I was looking for a new secret spot.

Now let’s get into some reasons why YOU should get yourself a secret spot!


Why You Should Have Your Own Secret Spot:

  1. A place to destress and relax.
  2. You can sort through your thoughts and get to some conclusions.
  3. Take a moment to center yourself, and come back down to earth- realizing your problems aren’t too bad.
  4. Enjoy a beautiful view/location.
  5. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.
  6. A place to celebrate yourself when something great happens.
  7. If you’re stuck in a rut and have lost some creativity.


How To Pick Your Own Secret Spot:

It’s best to pick a location that is within reach. I chose a spot in my neighborhood that I can easily walk to- I might not always have access to a car. Make sure you will always have access to this location- you never know when you might need to go!

I recommend your spot being outside and not near a lot of traffic. My spot is off a road, but it isn’t too busy there. Being outside gives you some fresh air and I think it really does bring you back down to earth. It’s easy to look around at nature and just find some peace (in my opinion). You can also watch the sunset/sunrise from the location- absolutely beautiful!!

A plus for your secret spot, would be a place that not many people visit or know about. My old location was hidden in a neighborhood, so many people didn’t know about it. My spot now is a small grass area, that isn’t really a “park” with swing sets or anything like that- so not many people go here because it could be “boring”. If possible, It’d be nice to get a spot that is quiet and not popular.

It’s really important (I feel) for this specific spot to be a place that you go to under a variety of circumstances. Don’t go solely when your sad or lost- because then the only feelings and memories tied to the location will be sad and confused. Make sure to go to the spot when you are having a good day as well, so that spot can encompass all of your emotions. Therefore, when you think about it, you won’t be discouraged to go there.


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