First Disneyland Trip of The Year


First trip of the year! 5/23/18 This was a surprise for me from my mom! I’m going three more times this year.

The shirt I was wearing this day is from Target, and the mickey ears cover on my Apple Watch is from Amazon!


The Itinerary For The Day:

My mom and I left the house super early to arrive at the park and find out it doesn’t open till 9am, when it usually opens at 8am. rip. We had to then wait 40 minutes in the parking structure before actually getting to park.

Since the park wasn’t open yet, we went to the World Of Disney store in Downtown Disney. This is where I picked up my pink ears 🙂

Once the park opened, we went straight to space mountain- WHICH WAS ACTUALLY HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN AND I CAN NOW DIE HAPPY. The amount of times I’ve gone to Disney and every time they had removed Hyperspace Mountain is ridiculous. I finally got my chance and I’m so happy, it was so rad!


Then we went on Star Tours of course!

This is when we were walking towards FantasyLand and I saw Sleeping Beauty over by the wishing well. I’ve already met her once before, but had to talk to her again because she is my favorite princess!

After this, we were heading to dumbo when we saw Peter Pan around the corner. I had never met Peter before, and it’s really rare to see him, so I decided to meet him!


The beauty of Disney is the fact that you may have a plan of attack, but then things like this happen and make your day even more magical!

Finally, we headed over to Dumbo and I got to see the new queue which was beautiful!


After this, my mom and I decided to walk back to Mainstreet to get some Starbucks.


I picked up the mini decor mug- which is SO CUTE. It’s all pink and purple and shows FantasyLand!

We walked a little more down Mainstreet to get to Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln. We just walked around and looked at all of the pictures. This was one spot I still had not seen in person yet, so I wanted to check it off my list!


We started walking to New Orleans Square when I realized that the Carrot Cake Churro cart would be open.


This was so unbelievably good. 10/10 recommend if you’re a fan of carrot cake. The churro itself is just a normal churro, so the icing is everything. I ate this while in line for Haunted Mansion lol.

After, I went single rider on Splash Mountain. I always do this since I’m the only one who enjoys this ride lol. Single Rider for Splash Mountain is the way to go because you get on almost immediately! Highly recommend.

For lunch, my mom and I both got Caesar wraps from The Hungry Bear- wasn’t that good though 😦 The dressing was really strong 3/10.

Indiana Jones was next, and the ride was having issues, we couldn’t even see the ball drop.


The amount of times I’ve been to Disney, and this was my first time ever getting one of these time trackers in line for Indie.

In FrontierLand, my mom and I both got engraved bracelets. I didn’t even know you could put a little charm on them, so I, of course, got a star.


Next was Big Thunder Mountain.

Walking to Autopia, we passed a cart that was selling the BB8 drink container so I had to snag one for myself.


We went to Pizza Planet and I got this adorable Alien Parfait. It had blue colored cake at the bottom, a blackberry jam in the middle, and a green colored mouse on top. The eyes were made of white chocolate. Overall, it was delicious but a lot of sugar for one person. I would recommend splitting this with someone. 8/10!


Then, we got Matterhorn single rider passes.


We were trying to find fresh popped popcorn, but all the carts were shut down for the parade. My mom and I then watched the Pixar Play Parade and got popcorn immediately after. While eating, we walked around Toontown and visited Mickey’s house. We were sitting on the couches inside his house just eating our popcorn as people walked by.

I believe after this, we went on the Astro Orbiters.


By this time, it’s started to get dark so we went back to Mainstreet and got ourselves seats for the firework show. We watched them, then went to the Beverages location and got hot chocolate. I picked up a Pixar cake pop from the bakery next door, and we sat and enjoyed.


We had already done all of the rides we wanted for the day, so we decided to just walk around the park and see what happens.

Turns out, we went on The Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, rode the train for two stops, went on Nemo for the second time ever in my life, then finished it all off with Star Tours!

So that’s all for this trip! On to the next! xoxo

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