⭐ Star ⭐

The newest edition to the family:


★ STAR! 


This little kitten is 8 weeks old. She is a Himalayan long haired kitten.

She is pretty active and loves her toys.

She is a curious and adventurous cat, always exploring!

She is also a picky eater, just like her momma 😉


I did keep her a little secret of mine for a few days before debuting her on Instagram, but now she’s here and ready to shine so bright!


Now, you may be wondering why I got a female kitten when I had my mind set on another male cat.

Well, the answer is that I would’ve preferred a male, but would take any gendered kitten that was beautiful enough to take home.

Yes, I am absolutely scared that the same thing that happened with the two Kashmir’s is going to happen again.

I wanted a male so badly because I was afraid another girl cat would die.

I don’t think I’m ever really going to be sure of Star’s health, but all I can do is try to stay positive and optimistic.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The most ironic thing about this photo is the fact that I’m wearing a NASA shirt and her name is Star. Lmao

Ya’ll are probably wondering why I named her star.

Well, lately I’ve been really obsessed with the sky- even more so than in the past.

I took an astronomy class first semester of college, my older sister was always obsessed with space, and now, here I am.

I’m always admiring the sun, moon, stars, sunsets, etc.

My close friends know I find comfort in the sky. Whenever I’m having anxiety, I’ll look up and see the beauty, and It’ll calm me down 🙂

I knew right away I would want to name the cat something related to all of that. I decided that Star was the most accurate name to use!

It took about 2-3 weeks of searching and visiting shelters to finally find her. My mom and I went to all of the shelters and rescues and cat shops all over LA, Palmdale, Lancaster, and Santa Clarita. We went EVERYWHERE. My mom found Star online from a lady that lives in Santa Clarita. Things just worked out perfectly!

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