What’s In My Disneyland Backpack?

Here is an overview of what my backpack looks like:


I got the black backpack from Victoria’s Secret Pink.

It has one big pouch, and one smaller one at the front. It’s a great size because I am able to not only fit all of the things listed later on in this post, but also my ears as well! If I need to take a break from them, or if I’m going on a ride and need to take them off, I place them in here without them getting squashed.

I have many pins on it lol. I got the “vintage” style one’s (located on the small pouch) from Target. All of the others are all from the park.

I got the stuffed Mickey hand keychain from the World Of Disney store in Downtown Disney.

I also have a green alien keychain (not pictured) from Pizza Planet in the park.


The first and biggest thing you’ll find in my backpack is my sweater!


SoCal is pretty hot, especially in June/July, but it does tend to get a bit chilly at night. I recommend bringing a light sweater or jacket! This is my navy blue spirit jersey I purchased off Mainstreet on my 18th birthday 🙂


The next main item in my backpack is this little pouch!


This is a pink makeup bag from the Target Mickey X Junkfood collection. It has a small white tassel on the zipper- absolutely adorable!

The next few items listed are things I keep inside this pouch 🙂


Advil is a must! Being in the park for so many hours, going on rides, and wearing some ears- you’re going to need some Advil. I bring the little travel bottle which I got at Target.

I bring chapstick to moisturize my lips throughout the day.

I bring a couple of hair ties with me. I like to tie my hair back during rides so I don’t get many tangles in my hair.

I would also recommend bringing a hairbrush! A mini one would work great!

In this pouch, you could also hold some makeup products if you would like- I do not do this.


I usually don’t eat any snacks that I bring, since I’m always eating churros, popcorn, and any other tasty treats Disney offers.


I do bring a snack with me just in case though! This is actually my favorite Clif bar– the Iced Oatmeal Cookie. So good!



To purchase all of those tasty churros and cake pops though, you have to have money! I have this gold card holder from Forever 21. I keep my ID, Debit card, and some cash in here.



In the small front pouch of my backpack, I keep my sunglasses! These are Lucky Brand and my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses.


This is also another thing I don’t usually use, but I’d rather have it then have left it behind.



This is the last thing in my backpack!

A portable charger and the chord to go along with it are super important! I’m always at the park from opening to closing, so I need extra battery life. I got both of these items at TJMaxx.


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