Usually, no matter what happens with friendships to end , I’m always still around if they need me.

It doesn’t matter if they ended the friendship, if I did, or if it was mutual, or just growing apart- I’ll always be here for them.

I will always be here for those people. If they ever need help, or advice, or a shoulder to cry on, or whatever it may be.

There is one person I can’t do this for, though.



You wanna mend bridges,

you wanna heal scars.

You want your friend back,

well, I’m long gone.

So here we are, two years later. Never really thought I would have to say:

You thought you could come back around.

Sorry, but once I’m gone, I’m gone.

You thought you could do what you want.

Sorry, this ain’t your perfect world.

Where you can bend and break and make mistakes

Lie and cheat with no consequence.

I stood by your side, the greatest thing

you’ve ever had. You lost that fate,

So two years passed and now we’re here.

So two years passed, how do you feel?

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