What I’m Loving Right Now


Hey guys! Today I go into all of the things I have been loving lately. I split this post into multiple sections so it’s easier to read and understand. Enjoy πŸ™‚

Helping The Environment


These Cora pads are everything I could’ve asked for in a pad. They are thin and flexible, making it comfortable to wear. They come wrapped in a cloth, rather than plastic- environmentally friendly!! Their main objective is to empower women and provide these products to women in need around the world. They are healthier for you as well- being free of chlorine, artificial dyes, toxic adhesives, and so much more that other pads contain. This is revolutionary.Β You can read their website to find more details!


Next, I’ve been loving my stainless steel straws. I forgot what specific brand I purchased, but I got my set from amazon. They also sell these at Homegoods, Nordstrom Rack, and so many other stores. I’ve even seen these straws in not only the signature silver, but copper, gold, and rose gold as well. There are a variety of options to choose from: length, width, color, bend, and with or without the rubber tip. I have ones with a slight bend and without the rubber tip. My teeth are pretty sensitive to cold, but I have no issues at all with these straws. They are not sharp either. I keep one in my purse at all times so when I’m out, I can use it instead of a plastic straw.

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Baby steps toward sustainability πŸ™‚



I purchased a black denim skirt from Free People and it’s to die for.

Super comfortable to wear all day. It rides up slightly, but nothing major to be concerned with. It has a button fly which actually isn’t a bother- this is the first clothing item I’ve owned with one. It is the PERFECT LENGTH. Let me emphasize how important that is. I am 5 feet tall. I’m tiny. Finding dresses, rompers, skirts, shorts, and jeans are the hardest thing EVER. They are usually too long for me. This skirt cuts off at the perfect length and does not consume me. If you’re looking for a go to staple skirt, head to Free People!

This is me wearing the skirt at Descanso Gardens! ——>

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I hit up Brandy Melville a couple of days ago while I was at the Americana. I found the best shorts ever. As I stated previously, it’s so difficult for me to find bottoms that fit properly. I have big hips, but a small waist, so I really need a garment that emphasizes my features instead of hiding them away. This pair of white denim shorts are comfortable and a soft denim fabric. They are not see through! They are long enough at the butt to not worry about anything showing and do not ride up. They are high waisted and they have a button fly once again.


The last clothing item I want to talk about are my Nike Air Force One’s. I know that pretty much everyone already has these shoes but I’m going to talk about them anyways. They aren’t the comfiest, I’m going to be honest. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to a day at Disneyland- although I probably would because I’m crazy. These shoes are bigger, but in a good way. They make my legs look longer and slimmer since they are a chunkier shoe- which is the greatest thing to ever exist, thank you.

I’ve already posted this photo, but it really shows my shoes more clearly πŸ™‚




We all already know my favorite coffeeshop is Undergrounds, but let’s give it a moment. After I watch the sunrise, I sit at Undergrounds either reading or writing for you guys! It’s a nice minimalistic and modern style coffeeshop. The coffee is of course fantastic. They have a lot of little unique treats that are all tasty. The employees are always kind and quick with your order. There are couches and seats, as well as normal tables with chairs and a high bar area. It’s always sunny and bright inside. They open everyday at 7 A.M. Yes, you heard that right- EVERYDAY. What a blessing from above. They are affiliated with the church across the parking lot, so I had thought they’d be closed Sundays- I didn’t know lol.


My favorite coffeeshop in San Diego though, is Communal Coffee.Β It is a super cute coffeeshop connected to a flower shop. There are a bunch of college students studying and hanging out inside. Everything is white and pink- my aesthetic. This is the best coffeeshop I’ve ever seen in my life. If you are ever in San Diego for any reason, go check it out.

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Lately, I have been wanting to purchase a book so I could read in the bath or go to a cute coffeeshop and read there. One of my fave youtubers at the moment came out with a fictional book called “Catcher” by Kalyn Nicholson, and so I purchased it and have been reading it slowly. I pick up the book pretty much every morning while I drink my coffee, and just read as much as I want until I feel like starting my day. The book is great so far! I haven’t finished; I’m trying to savor every moment,Β haha. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re interested in a fictional, futuristic, romance novel.

P.S., the cover of the book is so aesthetically pleasing.



Another youtuber named Meghan Rienks just announced her book today called “You’re Not Special”. It doesn’t come out till February I believe, but I preordered it. It is a book about her life and her personal lessons and struggles. I’m excited for when the time comes and I can sit down to read it.

Sorry the photo is poor quality!




Last but not least, my fave right now is my little kiwi nugget (if you understand that reference, I’ll love you forever).

Everyday, this little demon gets bigger and bigger and I get sadder and sadder, lol.

Here’s an update on her: she runs around like a shooting star ;). She walks like a bunny? She hops around, it’s funny. She LOVES to play. She will play with absolutely anything: receipts, chords, shoes, etc. When we got her, she was pretty fluffy and the lady assured us she would be at least medium haired. Looking at her now, she seems to be short haired. I don’t know what happened there, but oh well. She’s still so adorable and a cutie pie angel who I love.

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