Meeting LANY

I went home the weekend of October 4th-7th. Last time I was home, I didn’t get to do any of the fun SCV things I had wanted to accomplish. I wanted to surprise my parents once this semester and thought it was a good time. LANY was releasing their album that Friday and wanted to be home to drive around listening to it.

Two days before leaving, LANY announced a pop up shop on Sunset Blvd that upcoming Friday. They said that anyone who buys merch gets to meet the band. The timing worked out so well and I was super excited.

Here is everything I did on Friday, October 5th 🙂


6:30AM- Wake up and get ready to leave


I purposely wore my Malibu shirt from Brandy Melville to meet LANY and celebrate their new album release called ‘Malibu Nights’.


9:00AM- Arrive at LANY pop up shop on Sunset Blvd


It was actually really hot and there was no shade in line, so my mom and I were dying from the heat. There was barely anyone in line at this time, it was kind of funny. This was my first event regarding LANY so I was excited to see who else listens to this band.


10:30-11:00AM- Enter pop up shop



After waiting in the heat, we finally got to go inside. They were of course playing the new album over the speakers. There were racks of their clothes to browse. I ended up getting the black hoodie, yellow t-shirt, and a pink/purple long sleeve that says “Felt in Malibu, made in Santa Monica” on the back. We got our neon pink meet and greet wristbands.


11:30AM- Urth Cafe


I had done my research before hand so we would be prepared to do fun things while waiting for 3PM to arrive, so right after shopping we went to Urth Cafe to eat. Melrose was only a 5 minute drive from Sunset and we both love this restaurant. I got a margarita pizza and a strawberry and banana smoothie because I was craving something refreshing. This was probably the best smoothie I’ve ever had. It was insane.


1:00PM- Visit Glossier 


I’ve gone to Melrose a lot recently, but on my last trip I skipped over Glossier and I regretted it immediately after we left. I made sure we stopped by this time around and it was cute.


1:30PM- Finally explore rooftop of Restoration Hardware


This is also another thing on Melrose I kept skipping over and regretting after. It had a beautiful view and there were many people hanging out up there- nothing out of the ordinary.


2:30PM- Greystone Mansion


This was a GEM I found on the internet the day before going. I googled “fun things to do near Sunset” and this was one of the results. Visiting a Beverly Hills Mansion?! Umm, yes please!


5:40- Meet LANY



If you are unaware, LANY is my favorite band ever. The band consists of Les, Paul, and Jake. Their genre tends to be Alt/pop and they are lesser known.

My favorite artists consist of people who inspire and motivate me to work on my own craft- not just people who make catchy music. I found them around 2016/2017 and fell in love. The first song I ever heard was “Where The Hell Are My Friends”. I loved the song and it resonated with me because it was around the time I was realizing that I wanted to live in California. These boys were there for me during my first breakup and their music meant so much to me during the time. I am always inspired by them and they make me want to be musically creative. I am so unbelievably happy and grateful to have met them. They mean the world to me.

I went up to Les first and hugged him. He said he liked my shirt and so I smiled and said thanks. Next, I hugged Paul and he said the same of my shirt so I responded the same. Lastly, I hugged Jake. I only got a little bit of time with them so I told them thank you for creating beautiful music and sharing it with the world. I then asked them if we could all do this pose for our photo. They loved the idea and enthusiastically complied. My mom then came up and they greeted her and we took a normal photo together. We were then going to leave and I thanked them for everything and Paul said he hopes we have a wonderful night.

The boys were genuinely kind and welcoming and I’m so happy. 🙂


A year ago I got to see my #1, Taylor Swift. This year I got to meet LANY. You can bet your bottom dollar that my next goal is to meet Jon Bellion. 🙂 Next year…


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