Spilling The Tea On Meeting Taylor A Year Ago


It’s time to spill some TEA. SOME HOT BOILING TEA.


I’m just kidding.

Today I am going to be going more in depth on My Reputation Secret Session and meeting Taylor Swift SINCE IT’S BEEN OFFICIALLY ONE YEAR?! That doesn’t seem right. Molly? Are you there? I’m scared!

I’m pretty sure I can go more into detail about everything now since it’s been a year but let’s be honest, Taylor Nation is probably still watching me….. along with my FBI agent in my laptop webcam.


Say hello to Bun Buns The Magical Bunny Meme. ^^


Anyways, I of course took so many notes on my phone once I got it back so I’m going to start with that.

Taylor Nation direct messaged me the Thursday prior to October 22nd, 2017 (Sunday) to meet at a hotel on Sunset Blvd. The meet up time was at 5:15pm, and then they checked us in, took our phones, and shuttled us in a black Mercedes van to Taylor’s home in Beverly Hills. Yes, I got to look out the window and yes, I know exactly where she lives and what gate and everything- you could probably find that online but I’m not spilling that tea today!

They drove up to her round-a-bout in front of her house and let us out. The member of Taylor Nation had us line up and gave us wrist bands, then told us “Welcome to the Reputation Secret Sessions”. We were the only Secret Session not allowed to scream when we got out because her neighbors were close by and she had recently moved in there, so they didn’t want any complaints.

There was a direct path from where we were to the backyard and that’s where we went first. She had a rectangular pool, wrought iron tables and chairs at one end, a pool house on another end, and then tables full of food on one side. There was a large assortment of food- pizza, sushi, cheeses, M&M’s with the word REP printed on them, cookies with black icing which indeed turn your entire mouth black, etc.

I was on the first bus to arrive at the house so I was waiting for a while. We stood around the backyard waiting for all of the buses to get there and for Taylor. Her backyard really only consisted of the pool and pavement. There wasn’t really any grass. She had a bunch of cypress trees lining the end, so you couldn’t see any view from the backyard. She had a balcony on the second story of her house you could probably see a view from.

Taylor’s publicist came out around 10-15 minutes before we were allowed to go inside. We talked to Tree and she asked us where we were all from and she was very kind.

We were finally told we were allowed inside, so one of the people from Taylor Nation led us up a path into the house and into the living room. There were a bunch of pillows all over the floor facing one chair at the head of the room. There was a bar at the opposite end and a TV on one side of the room above a fireplace. She didn’t have much of anything in the house because she had just gotten the house. She said she wanted it all done up before we came, but it just didn’t work out.

Tree and all of the Taylor Nation people were standing at the back of the room and Tree took a photo of all of us sitting, so I smiled and waved.

Taylor eventually came out! She popped out from the door at the back of the room from behind a curtain, she said “Hey, guys!”, and proceeded to start dancing right there with a laptop in her hands while we screamed. She said, “I brought some friends!”. That’s when Haim, Jack Antonoff, and Ruby Rose came out from behind her. Taylor made her way to the chair at the head of the room, making sure to walk carefully around us.

Literally her when she said she brought friends.


She told us we were the first people in this house. She told us that we were all hand picked a year prior. We had either made Taylor smile on a bad day, laugh, or just supported her so she wanted to meet us. She said that we were stalked for a year to make sure we were a good fit- basically that we weren’t fake and that we genuinely love Taylor and would cause no harm.

She started talking about Ready For it. We sang 3/4 of the song for her before she stopped us and was laughing because we were taking up too much time. She showed us a trailer for the music video, because the trailer was going to drop the very next day and she wanted us to have a special viewing. She didn’t have wifi in the house, so she couldn’t show us the entire music video since she hand’t downloaded it. This also led to some trouble even connecting her phone to the TV but it was all good!

Still Images from Taylor Swift's The Reputation Secret Session for lucky fans

I tuned up the brightness on this photo so you could see what’s going on. This is when she was showing us the trailer. 


When she started having us listen to the songs and she went into detail about the songs, there honestly isn’t much to share there.

Her main concept was that she wanted a big career and little life, as in she wanted to keep the career and success she built for herself while not being chased by paparazzi every single day.

When she finished showing us all of the songs, she passed out the Reputation magazines for us to look through. She went to freshen up and then came back out to meet all of us. We got into a line leading into the next room over and everyone got to meet her and take their time with her.

When it was my turn, Taylor turned to me and said “Hiiiiiiii”. We hugged and I said “My name is Kimmy btw.” She said “Yes, I know Kimberly. People call you Kimmy? That’s so cute!”

I died.

Basically I told her all of my personal struggles and how she’s been there for me through it all and how much I love her. I mentioned Jon Bellion to her because what else was I going to talk about? Lmao.

When she asked if I wanted to “Hug it out” in our photo, I said “actually……”

THE LOOK SHE GAVE ME GUYS. THE LOOK SHE GAVE ME WAS LIKE “Oh ok, she came to play” That side eye like “damn girl” look.

I died.

I told her what pose I wanted and we did it and then I was walking out and they gave me a bag full of merch. We then we sat on the van till it was full before going back to the hotel. The last group of people were at the house till 12-1am I’m pretty sure. I left around 11:30 I think. The event was supposed to end at 10pm but she took her time with everyone. My parents were worried because it was getting late and I didn’t have my phone obviously, but everything was fine.

It was an amazing night; the best night of my life. I want to thank Taylor and Taylor Nation for making it possible. If Taylor’s reading this: I love ya girl and I hope to see you again xoxo. I wanna meet the cats, thanks.

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