Shows To Binge Watch This Month


I’m the pickiest person when it comes to TV shows. I don’t watch many, and it is super rare for me to actually enjoy a show and finish it, but I found some I love! Here are my favorite TV shows right now. Enjoy xoxo.


Santa Clarita Diet



I may be biased about this show because it’s based in my hometown but…. :,)

I tend to pause this show every 3 minutes to analyze where the scenes are taking place, and yes I’ve been EVERYWHERE in SCV so I know all the locations. It’s a light and funny show, but it does follow a story line. Highly recommend!


Nailed It!



This is a nice light-hearted baking show that makes me feel like I’m a pro baker. How do they not know to put buttercream between layers of cake? I’M A GENIUS I GUESS.

Impractical Jokers



There’s only one season available on Netflix (which is rude), but this show always makes me laugh. They still play it on cable too.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina



OMG I loved this show y’all. I love horror, I love dark; nothing scares me. This show is dark but not really horror in my opinion. I loved the original Sabrina and this was a fun spin to it. I now want to get a black cat and name it Salem.




Okay if you haven’t heard of Riverdale…. you need to look ip up and watch it ASAP. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like it. I thought it’d be like any of those basic high school romantic comedies but this was actually so good! It has mystery and a dark side as well. Totally entertaining.


Thanks for reading,

Kimmy xoxo.

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