First Disney Trip of 2019!!!!

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First Disney trip of the year!

I thought my first trip to the parks would be in May, but it turns out I got to go on January 10th! I am so thankful and happy that I got to go twice during winter break. I didn’t vlog nor take many photos, but I still wanted to share the itinerary for the day!


Right when we walked into the park, I picked up my purple sparkly ears and a pink spirit jersey.


We headed over to Space Mountain next. The line was way too long for first thing in the morning, so we got a Fastpass instead.

In the meantime, we went to Matterhorn and got single rider passes. We got on really quickly and it was a fun ride.

After that, we walked over to It’s A Small World, because it was super close by. We were lucky to have gotten to go because the holiday overlay was still up. The holiday overlay of this ride is gorgeous and makes the ride so much better.

We then rode Thunder Mountain, and the line didn’t take forever so that was great!


Next, it was time to use our space mountain fast passes. We went back to Tomorrowland and got onto the ride really quickly as well. If you don’t know, I get a lot of anxiety on this ride. I go on it basically every time I visit the parks just because it works out that way, not because I go out of my way to ride it. I get anxiety because if you watch a video on youtube of the ride with the lights on, you can see all the tracks of the ride above and below you. It scares me because I think I’m going to hit my head or hands on some bar. I know it won’t happen, plus I’m short, but it freaks me out. This time, there was a loud squeaking when it was breaking and I thought we were gonna die so. That’s fun.


After my dramatic near death encounter, we went to Adventureland and got a Fastpass for Indiana Jones.

The impatient person I am, I had to go to the Tropical Hideaway since we were already in Adventureland. The line was super confusing, there were no cast members there to explain anything, and the restaurant itself was tbh not that impressive. I got one of each bao (chicken, beef, and veggie). I don’t like beef usually, but everyone who had tried them said the beef was the best so I got it anyways. I shared them with my mom which was a great idea because they look small, but all 3 would be a lot for me. The veggie was fine, the chicken was super bland, and the beef was my favorite. Strange, but yeah. When you get three, they also give you a spicy sauce which was really tasty! I would recommend going to try the beef bao and the swirl dole whips, but other than that, I don’t think it’s that amazing.

For lunch, my mom and I shared a tostada salad from Rancho Del Zocalo. The boa’s were a lot, but not enough for a meal like lunch. That’s why we got the salad and shared it. After all of that, we were good to go!

After lunch, we got in line for Pirates. The smell of the water always reminds me of my childhood, ahhhh. I have noticed that every time I go to the park, we ALWAYS go on Pirates. There has never been a trip where I haven’t gone on it. It’s just a classic and the line moves so quickly, so why not?!

Next, I went back to the Tropical Hideaway for a swirl dole whip. They have normal pineapple dole whip, orange, and raspberry. The raspberry is actually special to Disneyland only. The orange is a flavor they have at Disneyworld. I decided to get the orange because 1) I wanted to feel like I was at Disneyworld, 2) I wanted to see what all the hype was. Everyone who goes to Disneyworld says that the orange is better than a classic pineapple dole whip. My opinion is: it’s good, but not outstanding. I still love my pineapple dole whip. I’m gonna try the raspberry swirl on my next trip.

Next, since we had park hopper tickets, we walked across the way to California Adventure. We had 2 hours till our Indiana Fastpass, so we went on Soarin’ Around The World. This was my second time on it, and I still can’t decide if the original or the newer version is better.

After that, we went on Cars. We actually got stuck on it. We were at the starting line, about to take off full speed when the ride stopped. It was probably stopped for 20 minutes. We were sitting there in the uncomfortable chairs, the seatbelts tight and restricting, just waiting. There were 5 announcements throughout the 20 minutes saying “The ride will resume momentarily”. Finally, it started again, but it honestly wasn’t great. I was disappointed. The cast member said we could go again, but we had to go back to Disneyland for our Indiana Fastpass, so we left.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As I said, we went on Indiana Jones which was fun. This was my first time in a different seat than the drivers seat. The ride was actually working and had no issues when we were on it, which is pretty unheard of.

Next, we went right next door to Jungle Cruise and the skipper had some new jokes which was cool.

After all of that, I wanted to go on Guardians and Incredicoaster so badly, so we went to California Adventure. The park only had an hour left before it closed, so I had a feeling the lines would be super long. The lines for those two rides are usually ridiculous, but we tried anyways. Guardians was 120 minutes, and then Incredicoaster’s line was outside the queue and onto the pier. I was so sad but we went on the Golden Zephyr and Goofy’s Sky School instead.


We then headed back to Disneyland to ride Star Tours.

On our way out of the park, we stopped to pick up hot chocolate and a cheese filled pretzel.

Then when had a super late dinner at Napolini in Downtown Disney before heading home 🙂

Again, so sorry for a lack of great photos and a vlog! I will of course do one or the other for my next trip! Thanks for reading,

xoxo Kimmy.

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