Every Moment Can Be A Fresh Start


Happy February first! Whoop whoop!

Whenever a new month rolls around, I never miss the first day. Does anyone else get super excited for a new month? I do; it’s like a fresh start.

Starting out the new year, I thought January was going to be amazing. I thought I would be so motivated, get things done, and be in my prime. I thought I would be studying everyday, have my homework done a week in advance, read a book, exercise every few days, and bullet journal every evening. That didn’t happen and January basically turned into a mess, but that’s ok.


I felt so all over the place. The first few weeks of January, I felt as if I sat around and did nothing at all. I believed I didn’t accomplish anything. Then, as school started back up, it was hard to get re-adjusted to the schedule again. Lastly, things just got really hectic. I was trying to balance a lot, and although I didn’t fail at it, I did do the bare minimum.

Everyday is a new opportunity to wake up and have a fresh start. Every moment can be a new moment. I was listening to Kalyn Nicholson’s podcast the other night while on a walk, and she said her therapist told her that every breath she takes is a new moment. We can change out mindset and turn our day around in one single breath. We can begin again.

Anytime someone makes a snarky remark, gives you a dirty look, you don’t do as well as you thought on that test, or you get a parking ticket, whenever something sets you back, begin again.

Throughout the week, whenever something negative happened, I would take a breath and let it go. I wouldn’t dwell on the moment; I wouldn’t let it settle in my mind. Instead, I took a deep breath and discarded the thought, not letting it ruin my mood nor my day. It has so far been successful whenever I have tried it. I recommend you try it too sometime, maybe even today!

Don’t let minuscule negative setbacks ruin your entire day. I am so guilty of doing this. Even if I had a bad dream, it would ruin my whole day. I would carry that negative moment or thought with me, but why? Why spend our energy and “waste” a day holding onto negative energy that doesn’t serve us? It’s a waste of time and our precious energy to do that.


Lately, I have been going on these walks during sunset and they’re beautiful. I get a moment to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air. I watch the sunset as I walk, seeing the beautiful array of colors displayed in the sky. It’s a relaxing time, where I take the walk to not dwell on negative thoughts. I almost let my mind go blank. I listen to my music and take in everything I see and feel. It’s refreshing to have a time to almost recharge and refresh my mind.

It’s important to check in with yourself regularly, and make sure that you’re doing okay. Are you in balance? Are you doing everything you can? Are you overloading yourself and are you beating yourself up for it?

Re-analyze your life every once in a while to make sure you’re being the best version of yourself and trying your hardest. If I haven’t said it enough, mental health is super important. Always put your mental health first and make sure you’re doing okay.

Today, whenever something happens that threatens to ruin your day or just invade your mind, take a deep breath, and let it go. Don’t even give it the opportunity to sit in your mind, just let it pass through and out. Make this month a great one. Recharge and refresh.


Thank you for reading, xoxo


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