Room Tour 2019

It’s that time! Finally, a room tour! This is the first room tour I have ever posted onto my blog, but I have done many on my youtube channel. I love doing these because I get to show my happy and safe place with all of you. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own safe place.


Here is a full overview of my room. Now, let’s get into this!



Let’s start at my dresser area, which is to the right of when you first enter.



Underneath my television, I keep my jewelry, current perfume, and decor.



These items are usually on top of a tray, but that tray is currently at my apartment.



Sugared Snickerdoodle Candle- Bath & Body Works

Cinderella Carriage Light- Homegoods

Mirror Picture Frame- Homegoods



The next location is to the left, in the corner of my bedroom.



Here is a close up of the things I keep on these shelves.


Gold Shelving Unit- Target

Winter Candle- Bath & Body Works

Chloe Perfume Box- Nordstrom

Starbucks Destination Mug- Disneyland

Wooden Moon Plaque- Target

Succulent- Marshalls

Disney Juice Container- Pressed Juicery


In the same corner as before, I have my instruments!



Matte Black Ukulele- Fender from Guitar Center

Acoustic Guitar- Fender from Guitar Center

Hooks- Guitar Center

Poster- Reputation Stadium Tour



Next, is my desk!



On my desk I keep my laptop, water bottle, a light, and my Amazon Alexa.




Star Projector Light- Target

Pink Glass Water Bottle- Target

Alexa- Amazon


Now onto the main event, my bed!


An overview of my bed, and more close up shots of my pillows.



Wall-E- Disney Store

Marie- Disney Store

Yellow star- Pixar Pier (California Adventure)

Pink fluffy pillow- Homegoods

Grey star pillow- Homegoods


I have this crown and garland above the side of my bed. I’ve had this garland idea with the polaroids since 2014!



Pink and White Pom Pom Garland- Hobby Lobby

Polaroids- 1989 album

Crown- Kirklands


Also, on one of the beams, I have this little pink banner.



“Throw Kindness Like Confetti” Banner- Kirklands


Beside my bed, I have this bookshelf and a sunglasses holder.



Bookshelf- IKEA

Sunglasses Holder- Homegoods


Here is a closer look at two of the shelves. I have all of my mickey ears, a white board, a snowglobe, and my high school graduation cap.



Cinderella Plaque- Hallmark

White Board- Homegooods

New York Snow Globe- Homegoods

All Ears- Disneyland


On the small wall behind my door and beside my closet, I have these adorable star and moon ornaments.


Moon and Star Ornaments- Target

Hooks- Target


That is all for my room tour 2019. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed. My room is always a work in progress and I’m excited to see how it has changed in a year from now. My room currently is the most “me” it has ever been, and it gets me so excited and happy to be home.

Thanks for reading, xoxo


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