Meeting Sabrina Carpenter and Singular Tour Experience!

I used to make videos explaining my concert experiences in the past, but stopped doing them and I haven’t posted a video about this content in so long. I thought it would be great to bring back the concept, but in blog post form! I am going to go into detail about my experience meeting Sabrina and attending her concert for the first time ever! Enjoy xoxo

Monday March 25th, 2019

On this day, my mom and I drove down to LA around 3pm and I got in line for VIP check in. I had purchased the normal VIP package, while my mom got general admission. I waited in line by myself and made friends with the people around me in line while my mom went shopping, waiting for 8pm when she could come in. We waited in line for a while as people checked in and eventually it was my turn.



They gave me a fabric wrist band, VIP lanyard, and a bag with my concert ticket, a signed set list, and a velvet pouch full of metal straws.


We all got back into line and waited to enter the venue this time. Once we entered, we realized we were all in line to meet Sabrina upstairs.


When it was my turn next, a member of her crew informed me that Sabrina was on vocal rest and wouldn’t be able to talk to me, but that I could still talk to her. I went up to Sabrina and hugged her and told her I loved her. She whispered to me saying she loves me too and that I’m beautiful. I thanked her for her music and helping me through hard times, and she said I was so sweet. She pointed to my shirt which was one of her mech items, and she said she loved how I cropped it and it was so cute. We hugged and took our photos and then that was it. She was so sweet and welcoming. I’m happy we got a moment to talk and I got to thank her for everything.



After meeting her, we went back downstairs and stood in the pit.



The last concert I went to was at the Hollywood Palladium down the street, which had a capacity of 5,000 people. This venue, The Fonda Theatre, was small and got packed. It was a sold out show but only has a capacity of 1,200 people. Since we were VIP, we got in early and got to stand at or close to barricade. We waited for her meet and greet to be over, so the Q and A portion would begin. After an hour, she came on stage and answered some fan questions. After that, we waited for the opening act and then Sabrina.


This concert was hands down in the top 3 concerts I’ve ever been to. If you know me, you know I’ve been to a ton of concerts and that I’m a pro now. This was my first VIP experience though, which was cool. I was third row from the barricade, but of course still got an amazing view. We were so close to the stage and got great shots of her performing. I found it interesting how pretty much every fan there was younger than me. Sabrina did a show on Disney channel, which I’ve never actually watched, so that’s why she has such young fans. I was probably the oldest person there other than parents. Everyone around me in the pit was still in high school.


Sabrina is a talented singer and has so much energy jumping around and getting people hyped up. She’s so underrated and honestly needs more recognition. She’s so beautiful inside and out and really cares about her fans. I am so grateful I got this opportunity to get VIP, and that I actually got to meet her and thank her for her music. She’s one of my top favorite artists, as you know, and it’s on my bucket list to meet all of my faves and thank them for everything. What an incredible night I will never forget. I’ll cherish it forever.


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