Skipping All Of The Lines At Disneyland


First time going to Disneyland? Or looking to make your day more magical? I can help you out!

I have been wanting to include Disney more onto my blog, and finally came up with a little series I thought would be helpful. I am going to be sharing my secrets and advice on how to have the best Disney day ever.

This first post is going to be all about skipping lines. I am a very impatient person and I hate waiting in lines. No one likes waiting in lines, but I double hate it. It’s a struggle. Here are my tips on how to skip the lines and make your day run faster and easier.

Tip #1

How To Ride As Many Attractions As Possible

My trick to riding as many rides as possible with little wait times is being at Disney for rope drop and staying in the park till cast members are basically kicking you out. Rope drop is when guests are allowed inside the park on mainstreet, but once the park opens at lets say 8am, there will be an announcement over the loud speakers saying Disneyland is now open. Castmembers will then let the crowds of people into the different parts of the park.

You and your party must decide what ride is most important to get done on that day. Would it be Indiana Jones? Star Tours? Space Mountain? That’s up to you! When you choose ahead of time what ride you want to ride right away in the morning, head over to that side of the park and wait for rope drop. You can get on that ride you desire with little to no wait time. Also, after you ride that first attraction, you will most likely still have time to ride another nearby attraction with little to no wait.

My favorite time at Disney is at night around 11pm. This is when most people have gone home, and it’s a lot more relaxing and tranquil in the park. This is another great time to head to rides with little to no wait. If you get in line before the park closing time, you are for sure allowed to ride still. Let’s say the park closes at 12 and you get in line at 11:55pm, they will still let you on! I usually go on Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and Indiana Jones since they’re all close together. Pirates and Indiana can have really long waits, and I refuse to ride Jungle Cruise if it’s more than a 15 minute wait. At night, they’re all walk on’s! Love it!

Tip #2

Don’t Wait In Long Lines

I feel like everyone knows about Fastpass, which is very useful and I personally use every time I go to the park. You can only hold one fastpass at a time. To really be on top of it and use it to your advantage, I would advise getting a fastpass for any ride you choose as soon as possible. Once you use up that first fastpass, you’re then able to get another, and so on. Start early!

Another trick is getting single rider or a buddy pass. Ask a cast member at the entrance to the ride if they have these options. I always get on Splash Mountain mid day with a 5 minute max wait doing single rider. It’s kind of difficult to find where to enter, because you actually enter through the exit and it’s all the way at the end of Critter Country. My mom and I always get single rider for Matterhorn mid day and get on within 15-20 minutes, mind you there’s a long line looping around the attraction, so 20 minutes is a blessing. Also, my mom and I always happen to be seated near each other even with single rider. Do not expect to be seated with the other people in your party though!

Last is that buddy pass. They offer it for Midway Mania and Monsters Inc., where groups of 3 or smaller get to go through the fastpass line. Ask a cast member at the entrance of the ride and they’ll hand you passes!

There is also the option of MaxPass. I will probably address it in more detail in another post, but you purchase it for $15 per person in your party. It is a fastpass system through the Disneyland app on your phone that allows you to hold multiple fast passes at once and basically plan out your day. I have never personally used it. A friend of mine gets it because he park hops and doesn’t want to walk to the other park just to grab a fastpass. I only would recommend this if you are park hopping, want to get on popular rides, or are visiting Disneyland for a trip.

Tip #3

Dole Whip Is A Must, Right?

On my last trip to Disney, I realized no one had known this tip. It is new, but I assumed more people would be aware of it. You can now order dole whip from the Tropical Hideaway, which is a little casual eatery behind The Tiki Room. There is always a line for the bao’s (sidenote: I’m not a fan of meat, but the beef bao here is delicious and I highly recommend), but you can cut that line and go straight to the counter where cast members will be waiting to serve you some dole whip! They also have others flavors such as orange and raspberry! Instead of waiting in the long line for dole whip at The Tiki Room, this is such a quick way to grab your snack.

Also, if you happen to be in Downtown Disney for some reason, The Disneyland Hotel serves dole whip (and a splash of rum if you choose) from a little coffee kiosk over by Goofy’s Kitchen. Another addition is at Tangaroa Terrace by the Disneyland hotel pool, and they offer the same choices.

Tip #4

Skip The Tram

Now, don’t get all upset with me over this one. There are many amazing reasons to take the Disney tram to the park entrances. It’s an experience in of itself. You do have the option to walk to the park entrances, though! If the tram line seems too long and not worth it, walk! Once you get off the escalators from Mickey and Friends parking structure, walk straight ahead. There will be a cast member in the distance, and a small floor sign saying “Walk to Parks”. The walk isn’t too long, maybe 10 minutes. I have walked to the park entrances once before and it wasn’t bad at all.

Also, if you arrive a bit later in the day (not at rope drop), you can hop on the monorail to get into Disneyland. The monorail only goes into Disneyland though, sorry to California Adventure. Also, you have to have your park ticket already in hand to ride the monorail.

Tip #5

I’m Hungry NOW!

A lot of quick service restaurants all around the parks are using mobile ordering now! Again, I have personally never used it. I tried using it one time in line for Galactic Grill because the line was taking forever, but the app kept crashing because everyone else had the same idea. Anyways, mobile order is an amazing option to order your food ahead of time and have it ready by the time you walk over to pick it up. It is on the Disneyland app, and you are able to order and pay on your phone. You can even set a pick up time for when you want your food ready. You will not have to wait in that long line to order your food. While you’re in line for a ride, you can be ordering your food! A great idea! Many places offer it and the app will specify which places are available. Off the top of my head I know Galactic Grill has it, Bengal Barbecue, Tropical Hideaway, Hungry Bear, and Jolly Holiday.


I know everything there is to know about Disney, so if you happen to have any questions or concerns, I am happy to help! I hope you enjoyed this post. I am super excited about this series and sharing my tips with you. Thank you for reading, xoxo.

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