Where I’ve Been


I have been inactive on here for over a month and I want to say I’m so sorry! I have been so busy dealing with finals and juggling life, but I promise I will be back!

I am so excited for summer. Summer is maybe my favorite season and I’m so ready for a break from school haha. Every summer since 2016, I have dedicated my break to become a better person. Every year I have a plan of what I want to work on and improve. This year I don’t have a plan! At first I was worried for not having a plan, but now I’ve just accepted it and I’m going with the flow. We shall see what happens. Last summer, I focused on adopting many more hobbies, and this summer I know I want to continue doing those hobbies. Whenever the school year comes around, I always feel too busy to actually do them, so summer is my opportunity to do it all.

Lately I have been trying to overcome my fear of the dentist. I just got a root canal, which didn’t hurt at all surprisingly. I have to get my wisdom teeth out, a partial crown, and get another cleaning. This year has been pretty focused on my teeth and getting them sorted out after having a fear of the dentist for years. I’m excited for it to all be over and done with so I won’t have to worry about it anymore.

I’m going to Disneyland on Saturday the 25th, which I’m super excited about. I have missed the Haunted Mansion, and I am excited to see all the ‘Get Your Ears On’ festivities.

I’ve honestly just been doing me and listening to all these summer bops, daydreaming about the warm sunny days to come.

I hope you all have been doing well, and thanks for reading this and keeping up with me! I really appreciate it 🙂



On Mother’s Day, May 12th, we went to Newport. 


On May 10th, we went to see Ariana in concert at The Forum. 

To be honest, I was completely disappointed with her concert. I had low expectations going into it, and it didn’t even meet those. I’m not the biggest fan of Ari herself, but I like her music. I had bought the tickets prior to her doing things I didn’t really like. I went anyways because I liked Sweetener and loved the Dangerous Woman album, so I wanted to hear those songs. She didn’t do much at her concert. Then again, I do compare it to Taylor, and Taylor always goes above and beyond at her concerts. I probably will never go to another Ari concert.


We had gone to Pop Up Disney at Downtown Disney on May 2nd.

On the tram ride to Downtown Disney, we passed by a Disney cat and I almost cried. It’s been my dream for so long to see one. Everyone see’s one whenever they go to Disney, except for ME! So finally I had my time and it was beautiful. The Pop Up Disney event was so cute and fun. I posted some pics already on my insta!


On April 27th, Abbey and I went to see Avengers Endgame.

If you don’t know, I love superheroes. My faves are Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Spiderman. Black Panther was the movie that made me fall in love with all superheroes and now here I am! We saw endgame and I cried a single tear and was all emotional. It was an amazing movie and I highly recommend you go see it if you haven’t, even though I think pretty much everyone already has. I want to go see it again so badly. I am probably the only one who liked the ending of the movie, but then again I’m not the biggest fan of Iron Man so. He’s starting to grow on me though. I just watched Iron Man 2 last night on Amazon and it was good. We shall see what happens.


Lastly, the photo of ice cream that I made the header is from Sloan’s at the Topanga Village. It was probably the best peanut butter ice cream I’ve ever had. I had gone there on April 6th.

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