Free Things At Disneyland


Hey guys! Today I am going to be listing off experiences and things you can get for free at Disneyland! These will definitely make your day a little more magical!


Ride the Lilly Belle


The Lilly Belle is a train car named after Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian. If the weather is nice, the Lilly Belle will be attached to the end of the Disneyland Railroad Train. If you wish to go inside the Lilly Belle or even ride inside, head over to the train first thing in the morning (rope drop) and ask a cast member if you can see it. It depends on the day and whether the cast member will be willing, but it’s a great opportunity if you can.

Ring The Fire Bell


There is a lot of history in regards to the firehouse, especially Walt Disney’s apartment on top. If you head over to the firehouse on mainstreet, you can actually ring the bell. I am not sure if it is possible to do the entire day. Head inside and ask a cast member if you can, and they’ll direct you.



Pins are so much fun and there seems to be one for every occasion. They now offer pins at most stores and stands, rather than just at City Hall. At City Hall, they do have a cart outside where you can pick out the pin you want from an assortment. They have pins ranging from birthday, graduation, first visit, anniversary, etc. Ask a cast member anywhere in the park about it and you’ll be able to wear your pin the entire day. Castmembers usually take note of your pin and wish you a happy birthday or congratulate you. It really is sweet.


Honorary Citizen


An Honorary Citizen pin is also up for grabs. Go to the guest relations stand in front of the Jolly Holiday and ask to become an honorary citizen. Depending on the cast member, they will either just give you the pin or ask you questions. The questions are simple one’s such as: when was Disneyland founded and what’s your favorite princess.

Free Dessert


Table Service restaurants will usually provide its guests with a free dessert if it is someone’s birthday. Inform your waiter that it is someone’s birthday, and at the end of your meal they will give you a complimentary dessert. I went to Carnation Cafe for breakfast one time and they gave me a chocolate cupcake with a candle.

Royal Hall

Royal Hall - Fantasy Faire

Meeting characters is already free, but I thought I’d address the Royal Hall. This is an area beside the Royal Theatre where you are able to meet three princesses. Inside is air conditioned once again, and the queue is covered. You get to go inside and meet three random princesses and take pictures. Everyday there are different princesses inside, and at night it becomes a surprise of who will be inside. The cast members keep it a secret! It truly is fun and an easy way to meet characters all at once, without waiting in multiple lines. When I went I met Ariel, Tiana, and Snow White.


Jungle Cruise Map


There is actually a map of the Jungle Cruise ride that you can pick up as a souvenir. At the end of your voyage, ask a cast member if you can have a map, and if available, they’ll be happy to provide one!


Fantasmic Fastpass


There are many dining packages you can purchase to get a great view of Fantasmic. Another option is heading over to the Mark Twain dock and picking up a fastpass. They offer these till about noon everyday that Fantasmic is scheduled. They have fastpasses for both viewing times. It is a great opportunity to have a designated area for the show. You are not guaranteed a great spot, but you’re guaranteed a spot. The sooner you head over to the dock prior to the show, the better the view you will have. It is for a sitting area, not standing.


California Adventure


Chocolate Sample


At the Ghirardelli store in California Adventure, they used to give out free chocolate samples for years. It was a nice little treat to have. They gave it to everyone who entered. If you entered twice, they wouldn’t hesitate to give you another haha. They took it away a few months ago and I believe it is still gone. Keep your eye out for it though, because Disney World got their free sample back around last month.


Drawing Lessons


At the Animation Academy in California Adventure, you can take a drawing class for free. Head inside the building and there will be a huge sign inside. There will be a floor sign indicating what character is going to be taught at what time. It is indoors and air-conditioned, so it is a great break from the day. It’s also a great way to learn something new and fun.




Ever counter service restaurant will provide you with a free cup of ice water if you ask. I thought I would include this in case someone was unaware!

Downtown Disney



If you did not know, you do not have to be a hotel guest to visit the hotels. Disney has the Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian Hotel, and the Paradise Pier Hotel. These are all open to everyone. They have gift shops inside where you can find a lot of merchandise easier than in the parks. There are restaurants to eat at. You can explore the different levels of the hotels and find some amazing views. Disney encourages guests to visit hotels even if you’re not staying there. I even highly encourage you to go explore because it is so fun and you can find so much. The picture above is one of the two gazebo areas at the Disneyland Hotel where people actually get married in.

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