Pay For A More Magical Day


Hi guys! Today I am sharing a list of things that you have to pay for, but can make your day at Disney more magical. Enjoy!

Max Pass


I believe MaxPass is super beneficial for those who do not visit the parks too often and are focused on going on all of the rides. This pass is $15 per person, and is on the Disneyland app. You are able to hold multiple fast passes at once. You are able to book fast passes from your phone, rather than walking to a fast pass ditribution kiosk. It is convenient, especially if you are park hopping.



There are lockers both inside the parks and outside. They range in price ($7-$10) depending on the size of locker you need. This is very handy if you have sweaters or merchandise you do not want to carry around all day. You can open your locker anytime you want throughout the day, as many times as you want. The only hassle is that there is only one locker location inside Disneyland park, which is on mainstreet. If you do have something you want to put in there, you have to walk back to mainstreet to put it in.

Fuel Rods


These are portable chargers! If you run out of battery on your phone, this is an option for you. They cost $30 the first time. Once you use up the first rod, then you can return to a stand and exchange it for a fully charged one at no cost. There is no return date or time for the fuel rods. You can literally take it home from Disney and use it at home lol.

Dining Packages


There are many dining packages available that will provide you with great views of shows or rare experiences. There are multiple dining packages for Fantasmic at The Blue Bayou, River Belle Terrace, and Hungry Bear. They all range in price, but these dining packages will ensure you with a great view to watch Fantasmic. They even have dining packages over in California Adventure for World of Color.

Character Dining

If you want to make sure you meet some amazing characters, character dining might be for you! It is around $35 per person, and there are various places you can do it. You can go to the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel, Grand Californian, and there’s one dining meal inside Disneyland at the Plaza Inn. All are buffet style meals. It can be for breakfast or dinner. Reservations are required. I have personally only done the Goofy’s Kitchen Breakfast dining at the Disneyland Hotel. I did it for my 19th birthday and I had a great time.



Disneyland offers exclusive tours for an additional price. I’m not talking about the VIP tours, because those are very pricey. They have tours for around $90. They vary from being Haunted Mansion based, train based, Walt Disney based. The tour guide will be able to get you on a few selected rides VIP style, and give you rare experiences. The only one currently available is the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour. Reservations are required. The Tour Gardens is located right after the Disneyland tunnel to your left.

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