Monthly Music: June Edition

Hey guys! I love summer and I always feel like this is the best time of year for music. I have tons of songs I am listening to as of lately and I am truly thriving. Since it is summer, I have decided to include every single song that was on my playlist for the month of June. This is going to be a long one, but I hope you enjoy! xoxo

As always, songs in pink and italics are the songs I have had on repeat and are my favorites. This month I have also added little details about a few songs.


Taylor Swift

-You Need To Calm Down

Umm Iconic. The anthem we need.


Pink Roses


This song sounds like LANY 100%, so if you like LANY, you’re gonna like this song.




-Tidal Waves

This is Jon Bellion’s friend who has recently started coming out with songs. These are the three so far. They not only sound like songs Jon would make, they have Jon’s voice on them. LOVE.


Courtney Randall

-Fairy Tales

Found her through instagram and she has a youtube channel. She’s so cute and reminds me of me haha.


Sabrina Carpenter

-In My Bed

Not the best lead single off the new album, but I’ll take it.



-Forward Motion

This song sounds like Dua Lipa to me. I love Dua.

The Chainsmokers

-Call You Mine

-Do You Mean (GRYNN Remix)

-Do You Mean (Squalzz Remix) 

I still can’t get over ‘Do You Mean’, and the remixes aren’t helping.


Carlie Hanson



-Bored with You

-Why Did You Lie?

Camila Cabello

-Find U Again

Asher Angel

-One Thought Away


-Teenage Dream

X Ambassadors


Usually not my vibe, but this song really gets me. Idk why. It’s great.


-Not Ok

Little Mix

-Bounce Back

The ladies are back at it again. To be honest, usually their songs are hit and miss in my opinion.



-Rescue Me

Lost Kings

-Too Far Gone

This one is soooo good. Wow, iconic.


Why Don’t We


Jess Glynne


Every summer I tend to gravitate towards two kinds of songs- pop with a big chorus, or slower and sadder songs. This is one of the sad songs.



-Say Anything Else

-Black Coffee



Kelsea Ballerini

-Better Luck Next Time

Jon Bellion

-Girl Named Summertime

-Conversations With My Wife (Acoustic)

-Blu (Acoustic)

-Stupid Deep (Acoustic)

No Rome


Cody Simpson

-Back to You

This is a song Jon Bellion made and it has his vocals on it. Not usually into Cody Simpson, but this is straight up Jon Bellion. The clapping? The little shout in the background? OG Jon.


Sam Creighton

-After Midnight

SHY Martin

-Same Old

Andy Mineo


Another song Jon worked on and you can really tell. This one is incredible.



-See Through




This has actually been on my playlist for months. I haven’t mentioned it before because she’s kind of meh, but not bad enough to actually remove from my playlist if you know what I mean.

Zara Larsson

-All The Time



-A Phone Call In Amsterdam


Tiny Meat Gang

-Stay Safe

-Walk Man

-Short Kings Anthem

Ok, I’m all into Youtube so of course I’m subscribed to Noel and Cody. Duh.



-All You Need To Know

Quinn XCII

-Life Must Go On


Sleeping With Sirens

-Leave It All Behind

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to tentatively put this on the list because it’s honestly on my playlist. Throwback to 2013 scene Kimmy though.



Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Kimmy


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