Unproblematic Youtubers

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Hey guys! Some of you may know how much I love youtube. I even have my own youtube channel, but I haven’t posted since December so, don’t expect much haha.

Youtube is basically my television. While everyone’s watching Stranger Things on Netflix, I’m watching youtube. I follow tons of people, but thought I’d share the unproblematic one’s I enjoy because we don’t need any more drama in our lives.

These are in no particular order.

Allison Schaper

This girl is absolutely adorable. She’s basically the really girly side of me. She works at Disney World and is a die hard Disney fan. She just got married and is living her dream life. She’s supper happy and positive and sweet. A breath of fresh air every time I watch.

Caroline Tucker

A “lifestyle” YouTuber living in LA. Her videos are usually really happy and upbeat. Lately she’s been showing more of her real life without any filters. She has been really open about her mental health and eating disorder, which is a major reason why I love her so much.


Kalyn Nicholson

This girl is living my dream life basically. She’s all about journaling, reading, writing, yoga, traveling, and basically living her best life. She has two channels actually and I love both. She inspires me to go out and live everyday to the fullest.


Cody Ko and Noel Miller

Umm, who doesn’t know these guys? They make reaction style videos and are the most hilarious guys. A ton of their videos have gone viral. Love them.



Ashley is not only hilarious, but has a great fashion sense as well. She makes videos mainly revolving around fashion and how to style certain pieces.


Max makes reaction videos and reviews of all things Disney. He’s one of the main sources of Disney news for me. He has a great personality and is always honest with his opinion on things. Love max!

Magic Journeys

If you’re looking for more Disney content, here it is! Their main focus is on all the new Disney food items coming to the parks. They go around and review all the new food. They’re always so happy and positive, love them!

Jenna Marbles

Just some wholesome OG youtuber content. She’s always trending.


Aspyn and Parker

A cute youtube couple who vlogs their days. They are expecting a baby soon and I have loved watching their journey thus far.


Courtney Randall

A recent find for me is Courtney. She’s another girl who seems really sweet and kind. She makes fashion and tips style videos.


Brooklyn and Bailey

Cute twin sisters who go to school at Baylor. They make funny challenge videos and wholesome content.


Alisha Marie

I have been subscribed to Alisha for so many years and I think she’s pretty unproblematic. She’s again in the lifestyle space of youtube. She vlogs her days showing her getting Alfred’s and shopping, etc.


Molly Burke

A kind girl who is all into fashion and clothes, and is also blind. I’ve learned a lot from her videos and have enjoyed all the types of videos she posts.


Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Kimmy

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