My Updated Mickey Ears Collection

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Hey guys! Last time I showed you my full Mickey ears collection, it was in June of last year. I have accumulated about 9 more ears in that time, and I’m excited to show you my full collection as of recently! It keeps on growing and growing because Disney will not stop releasing such cute ears!


Silver Sequin Ears


These are the first ears I ever got, and it was from my 16th birthday at the parks. These are probably still my favorite ears. They broke a while ago, so I’m unable to wear them. I can’t bare to replace them, since these are the one’s with the memories attached to them.


Classic Minnie Polka Dot Ears

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We all have to have a pair of classic Minnie ears right?


Star Wars Glow Ears

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I freaked when I found these light-up Star Wars ears. I’ve only worn them for short periods at a time because the plastic hurts!!!!

Hot Pink Sequin Ears


Belle Ears

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Sorcerer Mickey Ears

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As a child growing up at the parks, I always wanted the sorcerer Mickey hat. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. I always loved it for some reason. I came across these ears one day and it finally gave me the opportunity to like fulfill my childhood dream of the sorcerer hat. (I still plan on getting the actual sorcerer hat later in the future).

Birthday Ears

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Plain Ears

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These are really handy to have because they match absolutely every outfit you wear.


Rose Gold Ears

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Remember when people were waiting hours in line for these ears? Crazy!


Pink Sequin Ears

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Loveeee these ears. The pink just screams me.


Princess Tiara Ears

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Princess Aurora was my favorite princess for so many years (now Rapunzel), so when Disney released these ears, I had to have them. I absolutely love the tiara and the shade of pink. These ears were made for me.


Potion Purple Ears

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Floral Ears

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Haunted Mansion Ears

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Umm, when these came out I basically died. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride and I thought these ears were too cute. Took months to try and find these. One day they finally restocked and I snagged a pair. I still haven’t had the opportunity to wear these yet, but I am going to wear them on my birthday trip which is coming up!


Briar Rose Gold Ears

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Hot Pink Sequin Ears



Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Kimmy

One thought on “My Updated Mickey Ears Collection

  1. What a gorgeous collection you have. I remember taking selfies of my self in the store when choosing my first pair to see which looked more photogenic on me. Not sure weather to re-use my black and gold pair on my next visit or be adventurous and buy a different pair out there!


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