Lover Album Review


Hey guys! I wanted to share my initial opinion on Taylor’s new album, Lover. This will exclude the singles, but we all know You Need To Calm Down is my favorite single. Also, that Lover made me ball my eyes out for an hour straight.

When any new album comes out, Taylor or not, I always skip the singles. I also personally click on the songs that interest me the most first, so I do not go in order! I feel as if this is an album that needs to slowly grow on me, so these are not my final opinions!


 1. The Man

Alright ladies, we are getting right into it. This was the first song I clicked on because I always appreciate a feminist anthem. I love Halsey’s Nightmare, and I was assuming The Man would sound angry like that. I was wrong. In Taylor fashion, it’s not an angry, yelling, fiery track, but more of an observation of frustration and disappointment. The lyrics are great and the message is of course amazing in this time of need. I love this one, it’s one of my favorites.

“If I was a man, then I’d be the man”


2. False God

False God was the second song I clicked on because to me it sounded like it’d be another Don’t Blame Me. The initial New Orleans esque saxophone threw me for a loop. She’s never done something like that before. It’s a slower sensual song, basically the Dress of this album haha. This one isn’t my favorite, but it’s far from bad. I feel like this is one that needs to grow on me.


3. Death By A Thousand Cuts

Umm so I thought this would sound like I Did Something Bad, and it sounds like the complete opposite. It’s a happy sounding track with sad and lost lyrics, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED. This one I honestly didn’t really enjoy on the first listen, probably because it sounded completely different from what I thought. Now that I’ve listened to it a bit more, I enjoy it a lot. It has definitely grown on me and I relate to this song personally. It’s now on the list of favorites.

“But if the story’s over, why am I still writing pages?”


4. Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince

ALRIGHT LADIES WE HAVE LANDED. This song is sooooo good. The sound of this song attracted me and sounds like songs I listen to everyday. I love the stereotypes of American high school culture. This one is high up on my list. Also, the “OK!”, “GO!”, “FIGHT!”, “WIN!” sound like cheer chants to me and I can’t help but turn into my old cheerleading self.  That part fits so well in the song and I can’t wait to scream those on tour.

“Voted most likely to run away with you”


5. Cornelia Street

The first verse of the song is so sweet and cute. The whole song is just so sad but yet so sweet. She’s basically saying how broken she’d be if he left her. This is a good one. This song also references King of My Heart which is my favorite song she’s ever made.

“I get mystified by how this city screams your name”

6. London Boy

London Boy is literally so cute. She basically shoved as many English words and towns into one song as she could. This is a fun and catchy song, feel good.


7. I Forgot That You Existed

I had no idea what she would do as the intro into this album, but I think she did alright. I didn’t think she’d address this situation at all in this album but it’s all good. It’s a funny song, the chorus is great. This song reminds me of one of Justin Biebers songs. I don’t know which one but the beat sounds familiar haha. This one is slowly growing on me.

8. Cruel Summer

OKKKKKKK. Track 2 really came and did that. This is another song that sounds like the type of songs I listen to daily. Again, this chorus is so good. This is up there on the list as well.

“I snuck through the garden gate every night that summer just to seal my fate”


9. I Think He Knows 

Another one that isn’t a favorite, but I feel like it needs to grow on me. This is another song like Dress.

“He’s so obsessed with me and boy I understand”


10. Paper Rings

I don’t like it. I just don’t. The guitar and tambourine don’t do it for me, sorry! I have two least favorite songs on the album and this is one of them. Whoops. Maybe it’ll grow on me, I don’t know.


11. Soon You’ll Get better

Don’t even talk to me about this song. This is the only song (other than Lover) that made me cry. My mom cried. We all cried, man. Very sad and emotional. Get some tissues for this one, if you know what’s going on.


12. Afterglow

This is another one of my favorites. She’s taking blame for her faults and hurting her lover. A slightly Back To December vibe in regards to lyrics. I personally relate and I will never get over this song. This is one of my favorites.

“Fighting with a true love is boxing with no gloves”


13. It’s Nice To Have A Friend

This is the other one I don’t like. It’s so stagnant and weird, lol.

14. Daylight 

I love the talking part at the end, saying she wants to be defined by what she loves. The song overall is alright, not bad but not amazing. It’s a sweet love song, stepping into the daylight and letting it go. A great way to end the album. This one will probably grow on me.

My favorites from the album in no specific order:

The Man

Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince

You Need To Calm Down



Cruel Summer

Death By A Thousand Cuts

London Boy

Cornelia Street

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